Chillai Kalan’s letter to Kashmiris

You know what, for a minute I thought hashtag #RIPChillaiKalan will break all the records but fortunately it didn''t happen.
Chillai Kalan’s letter to Kashmiris
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I am not only old but bitter and cold. I don't frighten you anymore. I have grown weary and lost my sting. This could be my swan song.

I am now looking out of place. I write to you from the palace of snow. This palace is my home, my office, I work with my family here. I, my son Chillai Khurud and grandson Chillai Bache  freeze the rain and make it snow.

But I know you all are angry with me for I have disappointed your kids. They planned to make snowman and having snow-fights with their siblings and cousins. They couldn't because I made no entry.

I disappointed the selfie freaks too. This year their dream of taking selfies with snowflakes remained a dream only. And let me apologise the photographers' class for they too kept sharing the pictures of previous years as this season I left them high and dry.

Most of you even condoled my demise on the social networking sites. You know what, for a minute I thought hashtag #RIPChillaiKalan will break all the records but fortunately it didn't happen.

I want to tell you folks that I am not dead, I have just retired, I have grown wane and weak. I am gradually disappearing. Actually I am made of snow and I am receding now. I am afraid as I may entirely evaporate very soon. You are disappointed with me but you can't imagine the intensity of anger I am seething in, all these years for you people. I was known as a Cool Dude but now my grandson calls me Angry Head of the family. Are you asking WHY? It's all because of you people. You live a lavish and luxurious life in the Valley and blame me for not beautifying your lawns with snow.

Do you people know how many trees you have cut to make those lovely resorts and hotels? Have you thought how much junk you have thrown in the 'Dull' Lake. Don't you know the smoke from your Hamams have made me sick? The smoke from your SUVs has made me vulnerable.

You good for nothings! You have killed my creativity. My son and grandson make fun of me. They say I am no longer the mighty CHILAI KALAN that I was. I have lost the power and authority I once had.

I would blame you. You have ruined me but remember it is you who will have to suffer. You all will have to pay for this. Wake up! See what you have done to my Mouj Kasheer.

I am still ready to forget and forgive you. You are cursed enough for you life. And you have no one to grudge but you.

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