Governor does it!

Governor’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir is about to complete two months.
Governor does it!
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Governor's rule in Jammu and Kashmir is about to complete two months. Since the day Governor N N Vohra has taken over the reins of the state, administration is on toes and major decisions have been taken during a short span of time.

The Governor's administration on Thursday ended the dilemma of the September 2014 flood victims by announcing full and final compensation for them. It took more than one and a half year for the government to finalize the compensation amount and it became one of the main reasons for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to suspend ties with the BJP. What political dispensation couldn't do in nearly nine months, Governor's administration did it in less than 2-months. Anyway whatever said and done Governor's rule has proved to be a blessing in disguise for the flood victims.

Offices in Srinagar which were deserted after Durbar Move in October last year are abuzz with activity since the imposition of Governor's rule in the state. Officials, who had taken a winter break, have resumed duties and are trying hard to save their chairs.

During the past 50-days Governor N N Vohra has chaired important meetings and has expressed dismay over the tardy implementation of the centrally sponsored schemes. He has pulled up the bureaucrats on many occasions and has fixed deadline for them to deliver. The much awaited dredging of the river Jehlum which was going on at snail's pace has gained momentum all of a sudden and it has become one of the priorities for the Governor's administration.   

Earlier this week the former chief minister and the National Conference working president Omar Abdullah made a candid admission that Governor's rule has proved better than the popular government. 

There seems to be no political pressure on the officials and offices are functioning smoothly. The Governor Vohra has made it clear that he wants results and no excuses would be entertained. After a long time it looks like that system is moving. 

The politicians and the ministers who raked numerous controversies during the past 9-months are cooling their heels and are watching as mute spectators. Governor taking the major decisions has put the possible re-alliance between PDP and BJP into jeopardy. If at all both the parties join hands again  they would have nothing to distribute nor would the ministers get a chance to brag about how hard they worked to reach out to the people.

 The Governor Vohra has proved a point that "Where there is a Will there is a Way."  People don't expect political dispensation to settle big issues but they expect their elected representatives to at least address their day to day grievances and the Governor's administration by doing so has put the elected representatives in a tight spot. One hopes that politicians from Jammu and Kashmir would learn from Governor Vohra how administration is run and how important it's to address the issues which touch the skin of a common man.

Another aspect which has come to fore during the past 50-days of Governor rule is that too many cooks spoil the broth. Since 2002 Jammu and Kashmir has been witnessing the era of coalition governments and history stands testimony to the fact that during all these years, coalition partners have "agreed to disagree" on many occasions, and it becomes very difficult at times for coalition partners to develop consensus on vital issues, which leads to many important issues being pushed on the back burner.

The way things are moving, people have started believing that Governor rule is better than having an elected dispensation at a place that has got a fractured mandate. The Governor's stint should serve as an eye opener for the politicians. They (politicians) should realize that lip service and mere slogans are not enough to meet the expectations of the people. One who gets the mandate has to deliver, one hopes JK politicians would realize this ground reality and would work towards making JK a better place to live in.    

 (Javaid Malik is Senior Editor Greater Kashmir)

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