Don”t fan the fire

The JNU controversy was a simple case of dissent towards the fanatic regimes, their ideologies and their black laws.
Don”t fan the fire
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The JNU controversy was a simple case of dissent towards the fanatic regimes, their ideologies and their black laws. But unfortunately a hate campaign was initiated by media houses at large by calling these JNU students `anti national'. This eventually forced the current regime to charge these students under sedition. The Indian media is all out against these JNU students except a couple of media houses. The anchors of these channels have gone berserk and are giving sermons to the people declaring them anti nationals on spot without asserting the realities, their backgrounds and antecedents. They are out to certify them traitors in their TV studios. These news anchors are responsible for inciting mobs to violence. Their TV studios have become justice houses where these anchors along with their like-minded comrades have become the judge, jury and the executioner. 

Their latest victim is Kanaya Kumar the union president of JNU. According to a group of journalists they had visited the native village and the house of Kaniya Kumar after his controversial detention where they met his poor parents and found that they even could not offer them a cup of tea due to their poverty. This may possibly be the reason Kanaya Kumar was raising his voice against the poverty, casteism and capitalism. But he never knew that he will end up in prison with sedition charges.The irony of the situation is that these anchors who are sitting in the lap of capitalists and politicians who are now self-proclaimed judges even had manufactured evidences against these students and even had doctored the videos to frame them to extreme charges of sedition. To add salt to the wounds they even brand them `terrorists' so that the process to the legal trail becomes a punishment to these poor innocent students.

Amid the controversy everyone wants to fish in troubled waters to prove that, they are loyal than the king by siding themselves to the pseudo nationalism. Those who are opposing their philosophies and ideologies are bombarded with abuse on social media. They are the only few names who did unbiased reporting amid JNU controversy. The most surprising thing happened when the lawyers stepped into the scene when Kanaya Kumars first hearing was scheduled that  started beating up the JNU students including their teachers and few media people in the Patiala High Court premises. Even in the court rooms their violence continued. 

This is the height of intolerance which does not augur well for the democracy of any country. Media must learn to be responsible. 

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