Don”t encourage mediocrity
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Don”t encourage mediocrity

Before venturing into any field of activity, a wise man would always seek consultation from some experts of that field to ensure success.

Before venturing into any field of activity, a wise man would always seek consultation from some experts of that field to ensure success. In business activity, a good businessman always utilizes the services of experts to promote his business. The higher the investment in business, the higher expertise required to promote it. If the businessman, after making huge investment of money and machinery in the enterprise, leaves it to the laymen to run it he will definitely put it to the jeopardy of loss. The stakes are always proportionate to investment. The more investment, the more stakes.

This does not hold good in business alone, but also other fields. When the most revered prophet of Islam Muhammad (pbuh) decided to go for migration to Medina from Makkah , he hired the services of a polytheist guide namely Abdullah ibn Urayqit—a servant of Hazrat Abu Bakr Sidiq (RA) who had not embraced Islam at that time. He accompanied Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companion Abu Bakr Sidiq (RA) as a guide on their way from Makkah  to Madina? The reason why they chose Abdullah ibn Urayqit as guide is that they knew that he was a well known professional guide of the time knowing even un-trodden paths leading to Madina from Makkah. Besides, they knew he was honest in his dealings.

There is lesson for the humanity in general and the Muslims in particular that one can utilize the services of experts irrespective of the religion they belong to in different fields as long as one has faith in their honesty and probity. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had no doubt in the probity of the polytheist guide and he was sure that he (guide) would not inform his (Prophet's) enemies about his journey through the secret track to Medina.     

Kashmiris have invested hugely in terms of sacrifices of life and property in the ongoing resistance movement. This huge investment makes it obligatory for the resistance leadership to take their job seriously and take opinion of experts while dealing with different matters concerning the movement and welfare of people.  For, they cannot themselves be masters of all trades. In this age of specialty, it is unaffordable for a nation to assign the task of carpentry to a mason. Our leadership needs to invite, from time to time, the experts from various fields and discuss with them the matters concerning the areas of their expertise. This will not only broaden their vision but also keep them abreast with people's day to day problems and social issues and solutions thereof.

Recently, the Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, Dr Asghar Samoon revealed that gross Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) of Jammu and Kashmir have risen from around Rs 783 crore in 2014 to Rs 2764 crore  in 2015. He alleged that the bank has distributed loans to the favourites of politicians despite knowing that they would never be returned and the accounts would become non-performing assets. He further alleged that the bank spends corporate social responsibility money to make politicians happy. "Here subsidies are given to blue-eyed people and then they are rescued by declaring the account as NPA. The J&K bank does this," he added.

Had the separatist leaders been discussing the matters concerning the state finance and J&K bank with the field experts, they would have disclosed it much earlier to the people and started a campaign against what the bank management is doing to please the mainstream politicians. Similarly, had they been inviting experts from various other sectors, it could have provided them an insight into the working of other departments.  But unfortunately, they (separatists) never become curious and serious about vital matters concerning the state wealth and people's welfare.

It is surprising that the separatist leadership is maintaining a meaningful silence over the issue of National Food Security Act (NFSA) implementation. Earlier, they spoke but in different voices on the issue. Now they are silent. Would they please rise to the occasion and come out with their collective stand on it after consulting the experts in this regard.  

 To have their ear to the ground, the separatists need to encourage expertise and specialization in all matters and discourage mediocrity to promote the ongoing resistance movement at political level. They should know that a nation whose leadership encourages mediocrity is destined to doom.

(The author is a senior sub-editor Greater Kashmir)
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