A-Z of Low Back Pain

Since remaining active is key to successfully managing LB pain, activity and exercise are highlighted as therapeutic methods for reducing pain and, preventing further injury.
A-Z  of Low Back Pain
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Every day back-problem is responsible for thousands of people being absent from work work. Everyone experiences same degree of low back pain. This guide provides easy to follow and practical exploration of lower back pain; common injuries are explained, along with diagnosis and management strategies for relieving both acute and chronic LB pain. Since remaining active is key to successfully managing LB pain, activity and exercise are highlighted as therapeutic methods for reducing pain and, preventing further injury.

Abdominal muscles must be  excellently toned for the back to work efficiently: Lie on your back, with knees slightly apart, bent at 45 degrees and feet on the floor. Support the head and neck with a pillow and place arms loosely at your side.  Pull in tummy and muscles and squeeze buttocks, pressing lower back and waist against the floor. Hold for a count of time, then release slowly and rest for a count of five, repeat five times, gradually work up to ten.

Bending incorrectly is the prime cause, and if bending for a long period, stand up and bend backwards five or six times every five minutes to restore the lumber curve.

Diathermy includes a general feeding of warmth, the electromagnetic waves producing heat in the body tissues yield beneficial results ever a long period.

Emotion plays a vital role in everyday life; research has shown that pain can be intensified if you are angry, bored, insecure, depressed or stressed.

Fatigue may be largely emotional. Consider if stress and tension are partly to blame for your backache.

Gym exercise can benefit your back, with specialised equipment and the stimulus of other people to keep you at it.

Holidays can be a great tonic. But check if the bed is suitable for your back. Swimming or other exercise can be dangerous, if you haven't done it before. Don't expose the back to sudden extremes of temperature, such as lying in a hot bed, or jumping in water after sunbathing.

Inactivity weakness muscles, leaving them vulnerable to injury; find a programme exercise which suits you.

Jacuzzis are a lovely way of treating your own back like hydrotherapy in health spas. A jet of warm water directed at a stiff sore area is painful initially, but increases the circulation, relaxes muscles and helps mobility.

Lifting heavy things is a major cause, and it may lead to a disc degeneration; meditation can help. Self hypnosis, is more helpful in alleviating backache.

Naturopathy claims to eliminate disease by building up the body's own defences and self-healing powers.

Overweight people often suffer from pain in weight-carrying joints, which can increase the rate of degeneration.

Quadricep muscles in the front of the thigh have to be strengthened to help the back in many movements.

Reflexology is massage of hand and feet, where certain point reflect each organ of the body. Helpful in painful back and headaches also.

Standing correctly is important and stress on the back may be greater in the sitting position. So avoid standing, or if standing for any length of time rest one foot on a small stool or box to relieve lumber. And while sitting maintain back support.

TENS (transcutaneous electrical never stimulation) is a portable pain-reduction device. A non-invasive procedure, but it should be withdrawn when pain subsides. Ultra sound should help to alleviate back pain by increasing blood circulation.

Vitamins and minerals keep the body efficient. Calcium is essential for the up keep of bones and vitamin-D increases the absorption of calcium.

Writing slope an angled desk gives the eyes and the back a much better distance of angle relationship than a horizontal surface.

X-ray will show up bone and joint damage but the damages to soft tissues like inter verbal discs can be diagnosed by MRI, Myelograph, and Ct-Scan.

Zone therapy uses pressure massage which can relieve discomfort.

Yoga exercises create muscle strength and endurance and help avoiding backache.

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