Be realistic

Morally we cannot, for whatever purposes, stop a person from treading a path which leads to his destination until we provide him alternate route to his destination.
Be realistic
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Talking about problems is easier than suggesting solutions thereof. Wisdom lies in not only pointing out problems but in giving solutions too. A wise man would always deem it improper to harp on a problem without suggesting a viable solution.

Besides, it is unwise to ask someone to slam a door which he needs to knock at again and again. Morally we cannot, for whatever purposes, stop a person from treading a path which leads to his destination until we provide him alternate route to his destination.

Recently, five civilians including a woman were slain by the armed forces in north Kashmir's Handwara and Kupwara areas. People of Valley staged protests and observed complete shutdown for four days against these killings, suffering losses worth hundreds of crores.

In the unwarranted action by the army and other government forces some families lost their bread earners. No doubt people voluntarily protested and suffered huge financial losses but in the absence of institutionalized mechanism they are not able to extend viable help to the families who lost their bread earners.  As a result, those who lose their only bread earners under duress approach those whom we call as supporters and collaborators of our enemy. Should we now stop them from meeting or approaching them? Unless we provide them a substantial and viable help, we do not have a right to stop them from approaching those who are in a position to provide them a succor. Thus there is a need dire for establishing institutions that can provide financial assistance to the families who have lost their bread earners.

The unfortunate state of affairs is that we suffer losses worth hundreds of crores due to protests, strikes and shutdowns without raising a word of complaint but we are not able to establish vibrant institutions to provide succor to the needy. Why so?

Everyone needs food, clothing and shelter. We cannot expect others to abandon everything. We need to practically act upon the saying "Live and let live". Will our leadership and religious scholars please rise to the occasion and take effective practical measures on war footing to ensure establishment of institutions like Bait-ul-Mal i at Mohalla, village, tehsil and district levels to provide financial support to the victim families and other needy. Mouthing homilies alone will not serve any purpose. There is a need for taking practical initiatives. Once we establish these institutions and we are able to meet the requirement, then and only then we can have a moral right to ask sufferers not to stretch out their hands before the mainstream politicians.

Elections do take place in Kashmir since 1951. No matter whether 1% people cast their votes or it is 100% polling, governments are formed. Boycott and low percentage of votes have never made any difference in the formation of government.  Of course, boycott has its own merit as it reflects the people's resentment and their lack of faith and interest in the election process in Kashmir. People in Kashmir have never witnessed fair elections since 1951 when elections were first held for Constituent Assembly. Sometimes elections are rigged massively and usually the results are manipulated.  Even the former union Home Minister and twice Chief Minister late Mufti Muhammad Sayeed, who is known as Indian by conviction, is on record to have said in 2013 that assembly election results in 2008 were manipulated. National Conference senior leader Sheikh Mustafa Kamal is also on record to have said elections were manipulated in 2002.   In short, people in Kashmir firmly believe that as their votes have no value, it is one and the same thing whether to vote or not to vote. People for this reason prefer to boycott the elections. Besides, they also boycott polls in response to the call for it by resistance leadership. For, when leadership takes a collective decision for boycott of polls, people are bound to abide by that decision.

Insofar as Kashmir issue is concerned, elections have no bearing on it. People know that in the light of the UN Security Council (UNSC) Resolution of March 30, 1951, elections, state assembly and governments have no role in effecting any impact on Kashmir dispute. So it is wrong to say or believe that India can use elections as referendum.  For, elections are no substitute for referendum. Now if anyone in India calls the elections as a referendum, it speaks of his ignorance or arrogance. Many Indians clamour every now and then that "Kashmir is integral part of India", does it mean that Kashmir is really an integral part of India and not a disputed territory? No, never.  Same is case with elections. They have no bearing on Kashmir dispute. No matter who says what?

Now since governments are formed after every assembly election, the people cannot be expected to abstain from approaching those at the helm of affairs to get their problems solved unless they are provided an alternative. For example, currently people are facing menace of growing canine population. Who else other than government itself can deliver people from this dangerous trend of growing dog population? Should not people raise their demand for it? There are plethora problems which can only be solved by the government.  We need to be realistic in our approach towards all matters.                  

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