No compromise with Kashmir protesters, says Jaitley
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No compromise with Kashmir protesters, says Jaitley

Coming down heavily on stone-pelters, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitelty on Sunday called them as “attackers and aggressors who will be dealt with sternly.

Coming down heavily on stone-pelters, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitelty on Sunday called them as "attackers and aggressors who will be dealt with sternly." He also said that "India's integrity and security will not be compromised at any cost." Speaking at a function here, Jaitely said religious, separatist and other forces are "vitiating" atmosphere in Kashmir. "Some religious, separatist and other forces who are aided and abetted by Pakistan, are vitiating atmosphere in Kashmir, but the government will not allow them to succeed in their designs," he said.

He urged the people of Kashmir to "stand against separatists and other forces who are vitiating the atmosphere and creating trouble." 

"After losing wars with India, Pakistan is now indulging in proxy war with our country," he alleged.

He again said after losing wars with India, Pakistan has "changed its strategy and is now aiding and abetting militancy and separatism, but this effort will also be defeated."

Jaitley was speaking during the function organized here by State BJP in connection with India's 70th I-Day.

Pakistan, he said, tried to internationalize the Kashmir issue many times but didn't succeed. "Instead it itself got exposed. It has been exposed for supporting terrorism," he said.

Jaitely also reiterated Modi Government's commitment towards development, especially in Jammu and Kashmir. "Modi Government's top priority is JK's development, while on the contrary, Pakistan is against development," he said.

He said since India's independence, the country had positive agenda of development and to fight against poverty, while Pakistan "worked on the sole negative agenda of Kashmir."

He also said the concern of people of Jammu that they are "discriminated" is "genuine."

"The concern of the people of Jammu regarding discrimination is genuine and it is the duty of our party leaders to address the same," he said.

Meanwhile, Union Minister, Dr Jitendra Singh said they will take party's "Tiranga Yatra" to Gilgit and Baltistan. "If there is disturbance and problem in your neighborhood, it has its impact on us as well," he said.    

The function was orgasnized at Smailpur, the birth place of one of the Dogra leaders, Pt Pem Nath Dogra. Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh, Dr Jitendra Singh, Speaker Kavinder Gupta and other senior leaders of BJP paid tributes to Pt Dogra and recalled his contribution. 


Acknowledging that situation in Kashmir is "serious", Jaitley asserted that there can be no compromise with those indulging in violence as he described stone-pelters as "not satyagrahis but aggressors" who target police and security forces.

He slammed Pakistan for the current unrest, saying it was "attacking  the integrity of India" in a "new way" after failing to snatch Jammu  and Kashmir by "waging wars and fuelling trouble ever since partition  in 1947." He vowed to defeat this design too.

"Now this time, a serious situation has emerged in which Pakistan, separatists and religious forces have joined hands and now with a new way, they are attacking the integrity of India," he said addressing a rally on the outskirts of Jammu city.

Referring to stone-pelters, he said, "they are not satyagrahis but aggressors. If a police post manned by 10 police personnel is attacked by 2000 stone-pelters, it is an attack, but some people do not realise it."

Describing the situation as a "major challenge", he said, "today in such a challenge, the need of the country is that we don't compromise with the integrity and security of the nation."

He asked people of Jammu and Kashmir to stand with the country in the "struggle against the separatists" so that "this new phase of Pakistani strategy of war is defeated this time as well".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has three priorities for Jammu and Kashmir, said Jaitley.

Listing these priorities, he said: "There will be no compromise on the security and integrity of the country and no compromise with the people who indulge in violence. Secondly, as Jammu and Kashmir has faced violence and wars, it needs development which was denied for past 60 years by National Conference and Congress governments. Thirdly, Jammu, being the support base of BJP, needs added attention."

His outlining of the priorities assumes significande as the opposition has been accusing the Modi government of having no policy with regard to dealing with the uprising. The opposition parties have been pressing for a political solution and dialogue to address the unrest. 

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