Bar won’t meet

J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar on Saturday said it will not meet the all party delegation which arrives here on Sunday.
Bar won’t meet
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J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar on Saturday said it will not meet the all party delegation which arrives here on Sunday.

"We the members of J&K High Court Bar Association, numbering more than 1,000 are sorry to inform you that we cannot meet the members of the delegation because we know that there is nothing in your hands," the Bar said in an open letter to the delegation 

"You were here in 1990, 2008 and 2010, but that time also after meeting the people, you did nothing. The reason is obvious that you have your own limitations," reads the letter.   

"We are not afraid of talking to you, but when your delegation members proceed on the assumption that Kashmir is an integral part of India, what is the fun of talking to you?" the lawyers' body said.

 "You used your best oratory in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to persuade Rajnath Singh to stop the use of pellet guns in the Kashmir, but you could not succeed in stopping the use of pellet guns in Kashmir". 

"You must have yourself seen that Kashmiris are caged for the last two months. There is curfew everywhere. Schools are closed. Advocates and Pleaders do not go to Courts. More than 3 lakh government employees do not attend to their duties. Their leaders have been arrested. Shops and business establishment are also closed. Public and private transport is off the roads. People are protesting in every nook and corner of the State and ask for the right of self-determination," the Bar said. 

"Pellets as per Indian Ordinance Factory, Khadki, Pune, letter no. 8302/J&K/P&P dated 06.09.2013 are generally used for scaring away animals, protection of crops and hunting, but the target of these dreaded pellets in Kashmir are innocent Kashmiris."

"More than 72 Kashmiris have been killed by bullets and pellets, 684 have been hit in eyes by pellets, amongst whom 30 are those whose both eyes have been hit by these deadly pellets rendering them incapacitated for their whole life. More than 10,000 have been injured in the ongoing peaceful protests by bullets and pellets," the Bar said.   

"Amid, massive outrage over the use of pellet guns, the J&K Police has recently received a fresh consignment of one  lakh  pellet cartridges (6.3 Crore pellets). One does not know as to how many Kashmiris will be killed by these pellets."

"During the past two months more than 3000 Kashmiris have been arrested. During the past 70 years in general and 27 years in particular, more than two lakh people have been killed and thousands and thousands have been maimed and property worth crores and crores of rupees has been destroyed. It is only because the people of Kashmir want that the promises and pledges made to them by the Indian leaders, both inside and outside Indian Parliament, should be honored and the resolutions of UN Security Council, which guarantees them the right of self-determination, be implemented."

"If you want to know as to whether it is 5% or 95% of population who want plebiscite or right of self-determination, ask your military and paramilitary forces to go to their barracks, remove curfew and allow people to express as to what they want."

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