Beyond laptops and street-smarts

Need of the hour is that an indigenous thought must be evolved for the affairs over here; Beyond the hogwash that some persons borrow and transfer from New Delhi or Islamabad, the touch of a local independent mind has to be cultivated and promoted.
Beyond laptops and street-smarts
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Soon after the completion of Disney World, someone said-"Isn't it too bad that Walt Disney didn't live to see this!" Mike Vance, creative director of Disney Studios replied, "He did see it—that's why it's here".

Feats are made. Failures are met. Nations rise. Nations fall. And it's all by the measure of the power that a vision possesses. They say vision is hope with a blueprint. Integral to this vision should be a profound respect and gracious sense for the dimensions of ordinary life. That's why the strength of such a vision shapes the journey of a nation to a just and humane future.

The recent happenings over here urge contemplation. In fact, it stimulates a lament for historical massacre: the massacre of mind, the massacre of intellect. One fails to understand the logic of 'conceptualizing' plans/policies/packages that aren't long-lasting, and that won't even bring a modicum of substantial change for this hapless nation. 

Albert Einstein said-"We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles but no personality. It cannot lead; it can only serve." The 'rulers' of this nation perhaps suffer from the same thinking fallacy. They are fostering their 'empires' around flimsy catchphrases. They have miserably forgotten that the empires of the future are the empires of the mind. In the background of challenging situations and inhuman attitudes that demean human life and the environs here, it amounts to bleeding the very soul of this nation. It appears highly criminal.

As such, the real loss is fading out. The loss that is lost and left behind forever. The loss of past glory that still goes walking in our subliminal selves. The loss of a history that still clutches round our bones. The loss of a Vision. The death of an Identity. The disappearing of a Destination.

No gain saying that when nation loses on critical things, all else crumbles down easily. Rather, rest seems irrelevant and immaterial. Growing unemployment; agitated youth; wretched poor; disgusted commoners—it all carries a meaning until things don't break away fairly on the vital issue of survival that is central for every section of populace. Something that doesn't recognize the nitty-gritty of any techno-savvy culture or even the feature of being street-smart otherwise. Both the notions prove momentary in the long run.  

The 'rulers', 'politicians', 'leaders' and 'thinkers' of all hues have to be honest to themselves and people as well. Their role cannot be negated, no matter how they earned their titles. They have to learn to expand their perspective, set the right context of their respective 'goals', and ultimately understand the dynamics of a wavering Kashmiri behavior and take the sincere initiative beyond mere group or party politics.  

It's easier said than done. No doubt. Nonetheless, flash points do finally crop up in the histories of nations, and course of things has no choice but to change.

We have perhaps missed out on certain flash-points, reeling back to square one, over and again. There has been no clarity of national vision or either national consciousness among the concerned. The main cause of this national disaster has been the absolute failure of intellectual awakening among them as a whole. The elemental mistake that plagues their perception is that they assume themselves'politically correct' as ever. And that's what makes them to debate or react impulsively to the events.

Need of the hour is that an indigenous thought must be evolved for the affairs over here. Beyond the hogwash that some persons borrow and transfer from New Delhi or Islamabad, the touch of a local independent mind has to be cultivated and promoted. For that to happen, we have to be daring and candid. We have to shed the strings that pull us from behind from different quarters. We may have to answer many awkward questions and be ready for unpleasant responses in this regard. However, it is always something inevitable for a greater good. 

Kashmir has consumed many theories, plans and formulas, besides precious human lives. The cost of this conflict has been colossal. There has been a bloat in manufacturers of its 'industry' and the feeders of its 'luxury' as well. Contrary to what some vested interests would have us believe, claiming that Kashmir is not an issue at all to settle down permanently, or that things over here naturally and ultimately inch back to so-called normalcy, it remains the most vexed human problem, a bloody interplay of  politically maneuvered bluffs and blunders.  

Bottomline: Public mood is fragile, so is the turn of events. Beyond the rhetoric of laptops that has no takers, and street battleground where street-smart pitch their resentment, its politicians and leaders who have to eventually take up the reins and offer something plausible for alleviation of agonies faced by people of Kashmir over decades now. 

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