Karra’s resignation, no surprise

It’s unfortunate that Karra as MP from central Kashmir failed to raise the voice of hapless Kashmiris in the Parliament; He could have easily taken the bull by its horns in the Lok Sabha.
Karra’s resignation, no surprise
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The Member Parliament from central Kashmir and the senior leader of ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Tariq Hameed Kara, calling it quits has come as no surprise as it was expected that he would resign sooner or later.

Since the day PDP joined hands with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and formed a coalition government in JK, Kara had been opposing the alliance terming it as "unnatural" and "unholy. Some people within the PDP are of the opinion that Kara wanted a bigger role in the government and his resignation is just an intimidation and nothing more. While some believe that Kara was "really fed up," due to him being ignored and turned into a "non-entity", by the PDP top brass.

The only question is why did Kara take more than 2-months to announce his decision? Why did he wait for more than 80 youth to be killed in the forces action? 

Soon after the late Mufti Muhammad Sayeed took oath as the Chief Minister he (Mufti) announced that PDP-BJP alliance was must to strike a balance between Jammu and Kashmir regions. Karra denounced late Mufti's claim and launched scathing attacks at his own party with a hope that he won't be ignored anymore. But his tactics didn't work.

Late Mufti Muhammad Sayeed after taking over the reins of the state in 2015 didn't get much time to set his house in order as Delhi kept him busy as it did not pay any special attention towards Jammu and Kashmir.

Before being hospitalized the former Chief Minister did make an attempt to bring the old horses back on track but his time ended before he could have once again taken everyone along.  

Late Mufti joining hands with BJP had irked Kara and he was the first one in the PDP who opposed the alliance. Karra showing dissent created ripples in the PDP which forced late Mufti to abandon Karra and a few others, who were covertly supporting Kara for taking the PDP top-brass head on. 

After the death of late Mufti, Karra, once again came into lime light. This time around he stayed with Mehbooba Mufti till she became the first woman Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. Karra was expecting that Mehbooba would induct him into her council of ministers and someone would be asked to contest the parliamentary elections from central Kashmir. His hopes were shattered as the Chief Minister did not consider him for a bigger role, nor did she pay any heed towards his suggestion to drop some faces from her cabinet. She retained the team of her late father and announced that she is out to fulfill late Mufti's dream. 

After Kara was knocked out for second time, he once again disapproved the PDP-BJP alliance and predicted that it won't last long.  If Kara knew that PDP-BJP alliance would spell doom for the people then why did he allow the PDP president to once again join hands with the BJP? He stood by Mehbooba when she was in grief and was mourning her father's demise. He could have easily convinced her at that point of time to stay away from BJP. Why didn't he do so?    

It's unfortunate that Karra as MP from central Kashmir failed to raise the voice of hapless Kashmiris in the Parliament. He could have easily taken the bull by its horns in the Lok Sabha. He could have easily countered those people who were demonizing Kashmiris. Instead he preferred to remain silent and kept on sulking. He woke up nearly two months after the Kashmir unrest and called it off a day. He calling it quits after the death of more than 80 youth in Kashmir is nothing more than a damage control exercise aimed at safeguarding his vote bank.

Kara tendering his resignation at this point of time is an insignificant move as central and state governments are trying their best to restore normalcy in Kashmir, while separatists have made the people believe that it's for the first time in the past 26-years that Kashmiris have come so close to their goal.  

(Javaid Malik is Senior Editor Greater Kashmir)  

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