Teacher, a Torch Bearer

Teacher occupies a position of significance at all levels of education; His role may change but the importance remains unquestioned.
Teacher, a Torch Bearer
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Education as we believe is a powerful instrumental agency in bringing about the desired changes in the life of an individual and the society as a whole provided it has good content, coverage and character. If an educated person fails to serve an individual and the society then the education cannot be worthwhile.

In other words education should be relevant to our values, culture and livelihood. The whole process of it is shaped by a human personality called Teacher. Teacher occupies a position of significance at all levels of education. His role may change but the importance remains unquestioned. In ancient times the teachers were respected even by Kings due to high qualities of head and heart but in recent times the community is losing respect as they are drifting away high ideals and praise worthy practices.

The teachers forget services rendered in past by teachers. Kashmir had produced many good scholars/teachers whose contri-bution and scholarship had made Kashmir a Sharda Peeth – the seat of learning. There was hardly any branch in which Kashmir did not make a mark. The knowledge seekers would here not only to enjoy a beauty called Kashmir but get stimulated from the ideas and thoughts floating from this place.

September 5, the birthday of great teacher, philosopher and former president of India Dr Radhakrishnan was observed as Teacher's Day to highlight the importance of a teacher, his contribution and role to shape the society. The Day was not observed in Kashmir due to obvious reasons. Educational institutions were shut. Jammu and Kashmir as we now has been in conflict since British India was divided into two independent States – India and Pakistan. Due to conflict situation the teacher here has much more role in conflict torn society.

The conflict and violence have long term impact on the minds of people and the students are no exception. Majority of the population suffer from depression which is the most prevalent in the valley.  The teacher is a torch bearer. It is he/she who builds the framework for students to become productive citizens. No doubt there has been a tremendous change in education due to knowledge explosion but teachers role towards society has not diminished.

Teacher not only teaches subjects but also develops quality of the society. He/She is a friend, confident, guide and motivator. In recent times it has been observed that majority of teachers especially in higher educational institutions are terribly selfish and self-centred as they are keen in improving their own status. A new trend has emerged that they tend to become administrators and give second preference to teaching profession. It would be injustice to ignore the fact that majority of younger generation do not know the causes of Kashmir conflict.

Since the situation in kashmir has worsened, the teacher has to help the people especially the younger generation to come out of psychological impacts. Moreover on the other the teacher needed to be comfortable enough to discuss various aspects of the conflict which need not to be part of conventional studies with students and not shy away. 

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