Start Acting, Stop Reacting

Stop lending your ears to crazy murmuring and be your own hero.
Start Acting, Stop Reacting

When we delve into our inner-self, in the current scenario of our over indulgence in social networking and inflated screen times, desire to be happy surfaces up. We set some goals, make some planned actions trying our best to achieve them. Once our goals are achieved, we set further goals, make further actions and life moves on. Actions make us happy, reactions don't. However, in this strife torn place, years of struggle, relentless agony and hopelessness, have made us bitter, prejudiced, judgmental and myopic.

We have stopped acting, we react and vehemently so. One of famous quotes of Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese Philosopher, "Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear?" How often do we wait? Impatience has ruined us. The truth is, we often react without thinking. It's a gut reaction, often based on fear and insecurities, and it's not the most rational or appropriate way to act. Living in reaction has disempowered us and has put our worthiness in the hands of others. While taking action would have moved us in alignment with our own authentic self. Taking action is the way we take responsibility for our lives.

This has brought havoc to our senses which have become hyper-excitable. A system that was built by God for emergency purposes is in state of continuous usage, end result being a burn out. Everything and everyone has to fall in between the lines of reference that have been drawn for us, any deviations are met with brute force, whether physical, emotional, verbal or otherwise. A curious case of Zaira Waseem has exposed our hypocritical and reactionary behaviour once again. Leaving aside what is permitted or not, for a minute if we forget her ancestry or the place of her birth after seeing her performance in Dangal movie, all stood up for her praise.The moment it was revealed she is a Kashmiri girl, all the good that was spoken was forgotten, and threats, obscene messages and fatwas took there place. To add fuel to the fire meeting with the Chief Minister was blown out of preposition, and she was labeled a collaborator.

A few questions we need to ask ourselves is how would have we reacted if she would have acted in a Pakistani movie, or one with an Islamic theme, or instead of a girl in Dangal, a Kashmiri Boy would have acted? I bet our responses would have been different. How would a short film of ten minutes featuring the famed Zaira Waseem highlighting the plight of conflict children be taken? That would amount to some action rather than reaction. Instead we handed the bait to the ever watching hawks who leave no chance to mock us and shred our already tarnished image. She has been projected as a role model by those who have always thrust people on us. What if we would have done nothing instead of reacting so badly? The dust would have settled by now. We forget one thing; people always have a choice, let them take that. Instead of reacting what people have done, start acting, make your mark. Stop lending your ears to crazy pseudoscientific religious mummery and be your own hero.

Author is  Senior Resident Dept of Neurosurgery, SKIMS.

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