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And to press home his point Trump within three days of his take-over of the Presidency, bans Muslim immigration to the US from six Islamic States and orders more stringent immigration laws for Muslims as a rule.
Megalomania Unlimited

Yes, brother George, you were  very right indeed. You were right when you  warned us of the real world we are  living in, and its potential to burst right there  under our noses, in the "Animal Farm" and then in  the alarmingly futuristic "Nineteen Eighty-four" which drew us into the world of the Big Brother, the omnipresent,  omniscient and omnipotent  brute who claimed mastery even over power to think;  words lost their meaning; love became hate, untruth the truth, double-speak and double-think passed for thoughtfulness.

Yes, as you  said, ignorance is  bliss. Or, that is what  Big Brother would have us believe. And lo and behold, to show us how prescient you were, dear George, you have this day and this century a newly elected leader of the world's oldest democracy who from day one of his presidency of his country has told us  that for every fact/truth there was an alternative fact or truth. In other he wants the fiction of his  creation to be accepted as a fact. Just like he insists  on there being little difference  democracy and virtual democracy.

The Animal Farm we have learnt to see as George Orwell's finest work, is full of wit and fantasy, satire and a saddening commentary on the human condition and all that we humans must endure.   In  Nineteen Eighty-four Orwell did move many steps forward to portray the kind of society he believed  we could evolve into if  we  allowed the State – the politicians masquerading as agents of change – to establish and  perpetuate totalitarian rule by a systematic distortion of  truth and a continuous rewriting of history,  glorifying the dark and the ugly. 

 You don't really have to go far very far to see some of the Orwellian fears threatening to become a reality and which we are asked to learn to live with. Unfortunately for us, ordinary people, we must learn to live on  edge , as it were,  and never forget that politicians, who  can indeed do a modest amount of good can simultaneously do immense harm to the human race.

Take the freshly elected American President Donald Trump as an instance. A ruthless entrepreneur, who made his billions, through means fair and foul, treating his newly acquired office as another board room, working hard to  bring his skills as a practitioner of the art of the deal to his most powerful office and to his dealings with other nations. The man doesn't think much of scrapping international treaties negotiated by his peers in  office or in asking neighboring Mexico to build a hundreds- of- miles long wall to stop Mexican immigrants from crossing over to the US. In the event Trump scrapped a trade treaty with Mexico (and Canada) upon the latter's refusal to pay for the construction of the Trump wall. And the American, quick on the draw as ever, shot back, imposing an unprecedented 20 percent duty on all Mexican exports to the US. Imagine, the US accounts for almost 80 percent of all Mexican exports. And Trump, the arrogant   billionaire,   believes the neighboring has  country  asked for it. 

The idea running  through Trump diplomacy is that relations between States follow the art of the deal. Thus when he chooses just before taking office to hail "our Sunni brethren" ,berating simultaneously the Shias of Iran ,  and then proceeds to offer total support to Israel,including the shifting of the US Embassy  to Old Jerusalem in defiance of all previous commitments, Trump is only thinking of the deal.Remember he has appointed his Jewish son-in-law as his key Middle East adviser.  And to press home his point Trump within three days of his take-over  of the  Presidency, bans Muslim immigration to the US from six Islamic States and orders more stringent immigration laws for Muslims  as a rule. Why waste so much space on  Trump and his trumpisms. Do remember politicians , more so the ambitious one like the Trumps or the Modis generally bear a tenuous relationship with truth.

I don't think I need to stretch my memory  much to recall the times when India was Indira and Indira was  India. Yes, you would probably be right to imagine that those of the saffronite hue and fully empowered at the moment want history to repeat itself; indeed they seem impatient to adopt their own version of  the timeworn Indira mantra  for it to read Modi is India and India is Modi. In Indira Emergency heyday it was a commonplace to see huge hoardings proclaiming    "The leader is right, the future is bright" Having declared emergency Indira  came down with an iron hand on  people  who she portrayed as criminals,blackmarketeers, hoarders and corrupt. There was no terrorism then but she did terrorise.  In the process she betrayed her oath of office only to discover  that Indira was not India . And, that no Prime Minister,however strong, can be India.

Sounds pessimistic but sadly the day does not seem to be far to be officially told that   Mr. Modi is India's new Mr Infallible. Indeed,  Modi and his hordes would very much want to him cast  him in the Indira mould.  Modi is India  and all that. Already any criticism of Mr. Modi ,we are constantly reminded, is  criticism of India,tantamount to treason.  At this point I would rather draw from a very thoughtful piece  on the Modi's India  by Gopalkrishna Gandhi which appeared as an open letter to the PM in" The Hindu" newspaper on R-Day.

In the course of a sharp  assessment of the  Modi  era, Mr. Gandhi,the Mahatma's grandson, bureaucrat and diplomatist, speaks of Modi in an open letter thus : "An impression prevails that you want to be seen as India, that criticism of you therefore tantamount  to treason. Questioning  demonetization becomes, in one flowing  sequence, validating black money, going  soft on terror and questioning your judgment – all anti-national. An immaculacy surrounds you, an assumption of infallibility imbues your pronouncements. And hence an aura of unquestionability."

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