Private security executive training by NISA

Private security executive training by NISA

The team did touch Srinagar but could not work out any substantial outcome due to situation on the ground with the result, the team had to withdraw blank from the valley.

To set up a scheme for giving skill among the youth in the country, government of India forayed into skill training courses under National Skill Development Corporation, Ministry of Skill Development. Already the number of educated unemployed youth had swelled in lakhs in J&K state. Avenues of job opportunities are at decimal level as compared to the ratio of graduate produced from universities of the state. Government employments are few and far between where nepotism, favoritism plays its stealth role in dashing the hope of deserving ones. Time to time disturbance and uproar in J&K resulted into lack of industrial development, establishment of private sectors and business entrepreneurships which are the bulwark for job generation in the state. To overcome, the deficiencies in job generation Indian government announced schemes for making jobs skilled by endorsing professionalism to their academic degrees / diplomas under the auspices of highly experienced corporate.  So within the purview of broad skilled occupation, security system has been declared as skill profession and the responsibility of training worthy aspirants and unemployed youth particularly from Jammu and Kashmir is taken by  New Industrial Security Agency (NISA), a Mumbai based top private security company, run and administered by highly qualified, experienced and IT savvy personnel at its disposal. In the last quarter of 2016, NISA deputed a special team under its National Head Trainings to Jammu and Kashmir to reach out to the unemployed youth of the state for spreading awareness about the job offer of Security Executive posts opened for them under NSDC UDAAN project in Indian private sector.

The team toured various rural belts and township to meet the youth groups, social and political leaders for mobilizing and motivating potential candidates who were willing to serve outside the state as security executive, a middle level position in the hierarchy of private security structures. The team did touch Srinagar but could not work out any substantial outcome due to situation on the ground with the result, the team had to withdraw blank from the valley. 

Reaching to a large section of youth across the state, the team in Jammu organized press conference for both electronic and print media to highlight the NSDC UDAAN project baptized in a new form with the gloss of NISA, programme implementing body which had established modern IT equipped, electronic gadget stuffed , fire fighting equipments and physical fitness items in NISA training Academy , Delhi. Innovative training was imparted to tune security executive to global level private security standards and requirements on the basis of latest technologies and gadgets in practices for the maintenance of proper security performance. The syllabus of the training course is thoroughly checked and vetted by world acknowledged highly accomplished UK based security body. Professional certificates issued to these boys by this body would qualify them for a job as security executive in any foreign land outside the country.

 Rigorous efforts in remote areas of the state fetched around 32 boys for undergoing the charted out training course with all facilities of lodging and boarding and study materials inclusive of stationery items, backpacks and camouflaged uniform to give them sense of uniformity and pride of a force. 

Ahead of culmination of the training period of 4 months, many companies have started making queries about the nature and contents of security course that are being taught in NISA Udaan Training Center, Delhi. Virtually, it gives the message of demand and supply in the craft of security executive.

Training course given to unemployed graduates as security executive by NISA under UDAAN project has generated new hope among the aspirant youth strong sense of faith and firm belief of getting good placement in private security sector of country with the office of NISA Global Mumbai, which would be continued in future as well.

Author heads NISA UDAN training centre in New Delhi 

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