A patriot on the run!

Dr Zakir Naik would proudly call himself an Indian sometimes he would go to the extent of calling himself a ‘Hindu’ but look at how this preacher been treated?
A patriot on the run!
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I have seen patriots, known patriots-who love India in its wholeness. They love India because India is their home-a home they clung to when blood divided India into two nations. Yes, I am talking about Indian Muslims -who had an option, an opportunity to live in India or to leave it-but braving the fires and fumes of partition they chose not to leave India. It was not a decision out of desperation, not that they had nowhere else to go- but a decision out of love for the land and people of India. Why on Earth would they leave a land of their fathers and forefathers? Thankfully, Indian leaders of the past respecting the sentiments of Muslims and other minorities chose to be secular. What more would an Indian Muslim want? 

The level of discomfort that an Indian Muslim has been subjected to, more so recently must worry all. Why is an Indian Muslim on a run for his life? Is it that he is less patriotic, is it that he has less claim over India or is it because teasing and torturing of Muslims in the current world is a fashion? Why is  an Indian  Muslim put to a loyalty test every now and then? Why is his blood flowing right and left?

Indian Muslims  are patriots of "first order' if Kashmir is the yardstick you use to measure patriotism. They never desired what Kashmiris desire. They never supported a cause that Kashmiris would die for. They never came out in support of Kashmiris, never expressed concern over the brutal killings or never condemned any brutal incidents related to Kashmir. Indian Muslim officers, Generals working in Kashmir or elsewhere always acted in so called 'National Interest' and never cared for the interests of Kashmiris. 

It will be unjust if we blame just the present Govt. for the suffering of Indian Muslims-the truth is that Muslims  have been suffering for the last 70-yrs and present era  for them is certainly the worst. Successive Governments. promised them equality, promised them a better quality of life, promised them freedom to practice their religion, promised security for their places of worship and above all promised them a life of dignity. They got none of these. They were massacred when so called secular Governments were in power ,used as mere vote banks, abused, bulldozed  or at times even forcefully vasectomised.  The slums they live in are a blot on the promise of equality. Babri Masjid demolition is definitely breach of  a holy trust. And now, being lynched openly has shattered their hope of a safe tomorrow.

An Indian Muslim had an identity which is being threatened,  a language which has been killed, massive swathes of land and  precious properties which have been gobbled over the years and now  unfortunately his very existence is under threat.. He is being quietly erased from history of India-his contributions towards art, culture, literature and nation building are being  ignored and to the young India he is being projected as a tyrant who  has come from an alien land to destroy temples and monuments in India.. But inspite of this all show me an Indian Muslim who speaks ill against India. Amazing! Isn't it ?An Indian Muslim has lost everything except patriotism.

Muslim youth  of India  nowadays  are being termed as radicalized Islamists. Madrasas and Maktabas are hated because they are believed to be the breeding grounds of radicalized youth. I wish people of India know that Madrasas and Maktabas are  producing patriots since 1857.Muslim ulemas have fought for Indian independence. Darulaloom Deoband has vowed to be loyal to the cause of India long before independence. In the aftermath of Gujarat riots, the rector of Darulaloom Deoband was the first one to ask Muslims to forget Gujarat and move ahead without grudges even when the fires in Gujarat had not extinguished. While you heard Yogis and Sadhus preaching hatred, Muslim ulemas and public were requested by Maulana Sajad Noamani to be compassionate to the crowd who butchered Muslims in Gujarat. As per him hatred could only be conquered by love. Upon his instructions Madrasas in Gujarat opened free langars and offered free medical aid for poor belonging to the community that had attacked them.. Did any newspaper report this? 

Dr Zakir Naik would proudly call himself an Indian sometimes he would go to the extent of calling himself a 'Hindu' but look at how this preacher been treated?

Times are bad for Muslims in India. But, Indian Muslims belong to India and constitution has guaranteed them rights -right to be killed on mere suspicion is definitely not one of those. The land belongs to them as it belongs to any other Indian- Why push them to the wall-it will hurt  your image and your interests. How do you claim a temple in Dubai when back home you are destroying mosques? With what moral authority will you unite various races and regions of India when the largest minority is suffering so badly? 

Riots and killings do not for sure make a country prosperous-there must be a table on which Hindus and Muslims  can sit together to discuss the issues of Ram janambhoomi and beef. Ram wouldn't be happy to see blood flowing in his name.  A patriot is running for his life in India-Would the  caring Indians please stand up in his support?


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