Talk to stakeholders:But where are the stakeholders?

There is no substitute to the talks;But there has to be someone to talk to;Who are the ‘stake holders'' ?The question defies answer.
Talk to stakeholders:But where are the stakeholders?
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Yashwant  Sinha led   group of  'concerned citizens' and  former NSA in   Delhi;   Mirwaiz   Umar Farooq, Farooq Abdullah  and Ghulam  Nabi Azad,   all are  exhorting      Modi government to initiate talks with the stake-holders' in  Kashmir, to arrest the deteriorating situation which has consumed  lives of so many young and old.  Reference to the Agenda of Alliance  which forms a  basis for the present PDP-BJP  state  government  is, additionally,  made to buttress the point.  Rightly    they    say,   let  the  tongue     do   the  talking   rather than   delegate  it  to the gun.

There is no   substitute to the  talks. But  there  has to be someone to talk to.   Who  are  the 'stake holders' ?    The     question  defies answer.   Thanks to the Central  Government, Pakistani   security and  intelligence agencies,    separatists   and the  mainstream political players,  the tribe  of  ' stake holders ' in   J&K  is   growing   by  leaps and bounds. So much  so  that   the  'real' stake holder  is  lost  in the way. As if there was any dearth in the  tribe,  a person  in Delhi has created one more category of the stake holders. 

It is a tragedy that after losing  power the mainstream political class  has   preferred to stoke fire  in the Valley. Then we have a   post – retirement   brigade     of the  public servants,  who  seem to have acquired   wisdom   the   night  after relinquishing  a  plum government post . While enjoying fruits of administrative power and pelf, attached to their statutory and Constitutional posts,    these  columnists, now,  see everything bad  which they, conveniently, overlooked or failed to take care of  when in power. They go on pontification without making an effort to   come out with a solution to salvage the deteriorated situation.   It is time for them to give up  reticence and come out with a clear solution. True, the State faces a complex challenge where   we can't have a straight jacketed solution. Nonetheless, an attempt has  be made. It could start with  a sort of interlocution between the agitating  youth and the  political class.  Or else, we can say  same about them which  a journalist has said about the retired generals and ambassadors  of our neighboring country.

Commenting upon the present  activism of former   ambassadors  and Army Generals   for democracy and abhorrence towards  Military rule,     Pakistani author and journalist  Raza Rumi    writes   in his book Factitious  Path – Pakistan's  Democratic Transition   "  many  a former ambassador, the recent cohort  to jump into  the  fray of   political activism, has found a great post – retirement vocation. Once the    plush tenures  are  over and all that could be extracted from the holy state cow has been extracted now is the   time to speak  the truth and condemn   military   dictatorship. Convenient   and   opportune !"

Coming back to the question of  ' Stake holders',  many  feel  that  Syed Ali  Shah Geelani  and Miwaiz Umar  Farooq    still  hold a considerable sway over the  "the misguided youth"  and can influence their actions. Both of them and many others, if approached,  could play a positive role   in   restoration of peace in the Valley  – peace for resolution of the 'political  issue'.    The process could start with an appeal to  the youth to shun   path of stone pelting and   take one to  the school. By then, hopefully, we may be able to find   real  stake holders, so as to  pressurise  the  state  authorities  to   come forward for a meaningful and result oriented   talks with them.  We  trust,   the   displaced Pandit,  original inhabitant,   will   find himself among those stake holders.

(B  L  Saraf is Principal District & Session Judge

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