On scholarship

There are number of scholarship and fellowship opportunities available for the students within the state of J&K, India and abroad.
On scholarship

Scholarship/fellowship  is one of the important awards in the life of a student so that he/she could continue studies easily. I would particularly here focus on the scholarships, because fellowships are offered in research areas and are often rare. No matter both helps the student, but my concern here is that the student in our society should at least reach the graduation mark and not left their studies in the middle or higher secondary level. To reach the graduation mark, scholarship proves to be a good asset to bear the expenses of the ones' education. Often it is seemed that the students belonging to middle and lower class families are  stuck in the middle of their studies, due to very poor sources of income in their families. Many times student totally lefts the studies due to financial problems. A scholarship  at the right time for the student would be of immense help so that he could also get the fruits of education. It proves to be a good source of income for the students (specially meritorious one) to pursue higher studies and bear all the expenses whichever would come in reaching their dream. 

There are number of scholarship and fellowship opportunities available for the students within the state of J&K, India and in foreign countries too. To get a particular scholarship/fellowship  students need to find the procedure and criteria. As for as criteria is concerned some scholarships/fellowships  are given on the basis of academic performance, some by qualifying an exam, others on the income and many others to pursue studies in the respective school, college or university which offers the scholarship/fellowship .But I would like to mention here only those ones' which are given purely on the basis of academic performance of a student .A student need not to appear in any exam to avail these scholarships, they are purely given on the basis of marks obtained by the student . As I found in my society  that most of the students do not know about these scholarships nor they have been benefitted from these. It is grave concern for me that a student works day and night for the whole year to fetch good marks (as has been the trend in our education system) in their respective exams, but don't get any felicitation except that his name is listed in a newspaper with their colleagues. Here the student does not knows how to get maximum benefits of the marks he has obtained. I want to tell them that these marks will award them with the number of scholarship opportunities.

I tried my best so that I could convey to the students about these opportunities and I got good results. It was during this time I got an idea of writing an article in GK so that It could reach to maximum number of students and they could avail the benefits of these scholarships from time to time. For many of these scholarships you need to apply online from their respective websites and for others offline by just downloading their application format and submit it with all the required document's to their concerned departments. I would purely mention here the scholarship name and their respective website addresses with their concerned authority. For the eligibility conditions, mode of application ,amount of the scholarship ,start and the deadline for the required scholarship you need to check their website addresses and read  the instructions given their  thoroughly and properly before applying. The student has to remain upto-date and keep a vigilant eye about these opportunities if he want's to get benefitted.

Below is the list of scholarships with their website addresses and their concerned departments;

1) Inspire scholarship (www.inspire-dst.gov.in; Deptt. of Science and Technology New Delhi)

2) J&K council of science and technology (www.jkandcouncil.nic.in;deptt. Of state  science, technology & innovation council)

3) B.R Ambedkar Scholarship (socialjustice.nic.in; ministry of social justice and empowerment)

4) LIC Golden Jubilee Scholarship(www.licindia.in;life insurance cooperation of India)

5) Central sector scholarship scheme(www.mhrd.gov.in ; Ministry of human resource and development

6)J&K BANK financial assistance (www.kashmiruniversity.net:offered by J&K bank)

7) Educational crisis scholarship support (www.hdfcbank.com; offered by HDFC Bank)

8) Post and pre matric scholarship (www.scholarships.gov.in: national scholarship portal)

9) Kashmir education initiative scholarship(www.kashmirei.org;non political, non profit organization, incorporated in the state of Massachusetts)

10)UGC scholarship(www.ugc.ac.in:  university grants commission)

11)Prime Minister Special Scholarship Scheme (www.aicte-jk-scholarship-gov.in)

12) Merit cum Means Scholarship (www.scholarships.gov.in).  

There are other opportunities which both need the academic performance and a scholarship test or quiet possibly only one; some of these are mentioned here:                    

1) AIMST ;All India meritorious scholarship test(ww.b4s.in/plus/AIMO) organized by smiling star advisory private limited.

2) FAEA: Foundation of academic excellence and excess.(www.b4s.in/plus/FS16).

3) L'Oreal India for young women in science scholarship 2017;(www.b4s.in/plus/L1F6.

4) Trust fund scholarship for differently- abled;(www.b4s.in/plus/TFS5).

5) KVPY fellowship exam(www.kvpy.iisc.ernet.in:email;application@kvpy.iisc.ernet.in)

6) AICTE-Saksham scholarship scheme for differently abled(www.b4s.in/plus/ASS3).

7) CSIR institute of genomics and integrative biology(CSIR-IGIB) fellowship;(www.b4s.in/plus/TUO1).

8) K.C Mahindra scholarship for PG studies abroad (www.b4s.in/plus/KMS1).

9) CSIR INNOVATION AWARD for school children.(www.b4s.in/plus/CIA2).

10) Meri Pehchaan Scholarship.(www.b4s.in/plus/MPS0).

11) Cultural talent scholarship.(www.b4s.in/plus/CTS5).

12) Indian oil sports scholarship for upcoming sportspersons.(www.buddy4study.com/plus/IOS2).

13) ONGC Scholarship for SC/ST students.(www.b4s.in/plus/OST4).

14) Aga khan foundation scholarship.(www.buddy4study.com/plus/AKF2).

15) National overseas scholarship/passage grant.(www.b4s.in/plus/NOS2).

16) International excellence scholarships.(www.b4s.in/plus/IEU578).

17) Sahu jain trust scholarship.(www.b4s.in/plus/SJT248).

18) CREDAI Scholarship.(www.b4s.in/plus/CS872).

19)Swami Vivekananda single girl child scholarship in social science.(www.b4s.in/plus/SVS812).

20) CBSE Scholarship scheme for single girl child.(www.b4s.in/plus/CMS6).

21) Dr.  Abdul Kalam Scholarship, Sydney University.(www.b4s.in/plus/DAK391).

22) Fedbank Hormis memorial Foundation scholarships.(www.b4s.in/plus/FHM4).

23) The young india fellowship (www.b4s.in/plus/TY1573).

24) Marubeni india meritorious scholarship.(www.b4s.in/plus/MIM0).

25) Dr. S .Radharkrishnan Post doctoral fellowship.(www.b4s.in/plus/DSR410).

26) Shishadaan meritorious scholarship .(www.b4s.in/plus/SMS816).

27) JM Sethia merit Scholarship.(www.b4s.in/plus/JSM515).  

The above list of scholarships/fellowships is open to all the students; whether he is in school, higher secondary, college, university or pursuing any professional or non professional degree. These scholarships are available year after year. Many of the scholarships which I listed above; there time  may have been lapsed, but you need not to worry, next time you could avail the benefits. My aim here was just to aware you about these scholarships/fellowships .I hope this article will help the students to pursue higher education and minimize the expenses of their education by getting the scholarship/fellowship and  finally will led to their respective goals in their life.

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