A memory called Mehmood-u- Rehman
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A memory called Mehmood-u- Rehman

Mahmood-ur-Rahman was helpful to people at every step and saved them from tortuous formalities of a notorious bureaucracy.

I have lost him. He was my teacher, philosopher and guide. On the onset of my service, he was my Commissioner and Secretary. A tall, honest personality, who will always be remembered for the values he upheld. He personified many virtues and of which truthfulness was the one. 

Mahmood-ur-Rahman was helpful to people at every step and saved them from tortuous formalities of a notorious bureaucracy.

His honesty and nobility were generously flowing day and night. An IAS officer but an erudite fountain of justice and mercy to the suffering souls.

He picked me up in every department where he served as he uttered " by certain common virtues, I became fond of you". Mahmood Sahib was showering grace upon me and all around him every time. His high educational qualifications included law, orientals, philosophy and English. A lord of impeccable English never tolerated an error. Being an authority on it, he wrote and mesmerised the readers by his writings taste. We later learnt that Mahmood-ur-Rahman won a doctorate also in AMU as Vice-Chancellor.

Mahmood Sahib used every office to deliver a pained lot of the society from the shackles of torment, inflicted upon them. He scolded a visitor who approached him with the smoke smelling mouth in the holy month of Ramazan.

I vividly remember and admire his dictation as Health Secretary "there will be no hospitality on behalf of Chief Minister" in the month of Ramzan. Cautioning all northern states of India's health Ministers to convene a conference in Srinagar in Ramzan-ul-Mubarak.

Justice is a rear commodity in these times, but the extraordinary administrator embraced justice as principle. Here I quote the Apostle of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAW) who said: " One who gives justice for least time like twinkle of any eye is holier and better than a worshiper, having observed fast for seventy years in days and offered prayers in all the night of this period".

I had the honour of writing some drafts for him which include two speeches to begin his service as vice-chancellor AMU. One aimed at inaugural event and the other for following Seerat Conference, entitled "Paigambar-e-Insaaniyat, SAW".

I still remember his official letters to police authorities as Additional Chief Secretary Home. The letters were about releasing the mistakenly detained youth, who were entirely innocent and not wanted in any other case. 

Having unabated patience and capacity to endure the stress of the demanding and challenging job, his temperament was calm. This scholar bureaucrats' pious character was an expanse of hope to the suppressed and depressed people.

He loved poetry and literature. Got his yearbooks filled and decorated with spangles after every verse written in calligraphy. A treasure of simplicity Mahmood Sahib was a humble noble man. May his soul rest in peace. 

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