A bouquet of verses

Even though Iqbal Anjum is a poet with romantic propensity, yet after a thorough study of his verses, one can find out that there are elements of mysticism present in his poetry
A bouquet of verses
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Iqbal Anjum (Mohammad Iqbal Ganai), born in Mattan, Anantnag, belongs to a prominent family which has produced able and talented officers who have served the Jammu and Kashmir State for decades. Iqbal Anjum himself has also served in the State Administration and retired as Secretary State Legislative Assembly. Even though he remained busy in official service yet he had a longing to create art and contribute in the literary field particularly in Kashmiri language.  

Recently, he has come out with his second collection of Kashmiri poems titled   "Toshe  Vin  Mein  Posh  Mal"  "My Wishful Garland of Flowers". Before this  publication, he has written,  " Dil  Keni  Mil Wan"   "  Communion  Through Heart".  The collections of the poetry of Iqbal Anjum unequivocally, putS him in the company of great poets of Kashmiri language whose features flow in his verses with his own style of mixing the words and using emotion and appropriate situations.  The titles of his collections of poetry make it clear that he is a poet of Romantic temperament due to the reason that there seems a spontaneous overflow of feelings in his poetry. The present collection of poetry, "Toshe Vin Mein Posh Mal"  "My Wishful Garland of Flowers", consists of ninety seven Gazals (Lyrics) and twenty eight Rubayees (Quartrains). After having a reading of all these Gazals (Lyrics) and (Quartrains), Rubayees the reader gets the acuity that the poet has full understanding about the creative art of poetry with its skill, style, rhythm, diction, and subject matter. The reader witnesses in his verses, the resemblances of the artistic methods of the great poet of Kashmiri Language Rasool Meer, famously known as the Wordsworth of Kashmir. One finds that Iqbal Anjum has been deeply impressed by the great Rasool Meer and therefore, his style and music is reflected in his verses also.  Iqbal Anjum expresses in one of his poems in the fashion of Rasool Meer.   

Be  Karha Muith Aakh Cheenis  Jane  Jabeenas  

Paraishan Che Chai Kokil  Raich   Dhar        

He says again,        

Khaili  Chaine  Aaware  tas  zulf dota      

Dun    rukhan   chuss  passebainy  bewi ne khein 

           The poet (Iqbal Anjum) like Rasool Meer depicts scenes, situations and subjects with romantic taste. He says,  

Bahar  yeeyai hay agar  che yeeya  hak 

Qarar   yeeyai  hay agar  che yeeyai  hak  

               In Kashmiri language and poetry, Such Kral has achieved a unique place because of his divergent artistic coloring to his poetry. In his some poems, we find elements of dialogue and argument flowing between characters in the shape of verses. We find similar examples in the poetry of Iqbal Anjum wherein dialogue takes place between the characters and this bestows characteristic quality to his poetic talent. Some of the verses of the poet are like as follows,     

Dehmes  Adkath Meh che qarar 

Temi  dupnum Gah  be  Aabad  Gah  be Qarar     

And  he says again,     

Dupmas  be  Kurthas bei qarar  

Dupnam yehai go mune  kar                 

         Even though  Iqbal Anjum is a poet with romantic  propensity,  yet  after  a thorough  study of his verses, one can  find out that there are  elements of mysticism present in his poetry also like that of the famous mystic poet Naim Sahab,  

Yore  Wunmas  Tore Kei  Kehn Pai  Patah    

Tore Wun Num Chum Khabar Aawaragi                          

           The   poet's verses vividly reflect feeling of love, isolation, life, death, and various other issues related to human existence.    

Mout  Aous chatan Jame Te Keyah Tam Wanan Aous,    

Tas  Aise Kane  Laayan  Magar  Tore Aasan  Aous       

       The poet uses very simple words to convey the vital truths of his life. His experiences are presented in a way that they become the story of every one. The poet says,       

Dupnam  Che Kya  Krawun  Karun        

Dupmas  Che  Andi  Andi  Gath  Karun                        

       The work of Iqbal Anjum is not to be judged on the basis of how much or little he has written. It is to be judged on the basis of intrinsic worth that it has and the worth to a great extent depends on certain selected verses of the acme quality. The poet has avoided the use of similes and metaphors which are mostly used by the poets. Rather he has quested for common subject matter as the theme of his poems and has endowed his couplets with rich suggestion and propositions. Here, is a beautiful and striking couplet which speaks of his great poetic quality,   

Mushrawakh Yaad Thawak Kya    

Seenas  Manz   Lale Nawakh Kya                            

      The poet has mostly written about Love purely on imaginary lines. He makes use of imagination, that is, just fanciful pictures and situations of love. He does not claim to have any experience of love-life with all its petty passions or mighty motions like jealously, rivalry, or pangs of separation. The following verses depict this characteristic aspect of his poetry.    

Mai  Kun Aakh  Nazar  Te  Bus  

Mun   Wuch  Jigar  Te  Bus

          We find in Iqbal Anjum poetry, a harmony of emotions and verbal presentation. Words are suited to the sensations and emotions and this qualifies him as a poet with flair and talent which in due course of time may flourish more and more.  The following verses are an example of this fact,      

Wawe  Toofanas   Andar   Chum  Tar   Mushkil Dilbaro,  

Kaya   Wanai   Kotah   Chu  Loluk Kar  Mushkil  Dilbaro  

      The  Poetic Collection  " Toshe  Vin  Mein  Posh  Mal"  "My Wishful Garland of Flowers",  has been  commented/ fore worded   by the prominent scholar and teacher  Prof. Ghulam  Mohammad Shad. He expresses that Iqbal Anjum has all the qualities of a successful and talented poet of Kashmiri language.  In his remarks, the brilliant poet of Kashmiri, Rahman Rahi remarks that a deep study of the collection of Iqbal Anjum reveals that he writes poetry with clear vision and simplicity which becomes understandable to every reader.  Shafi Shouq, the  reputed  Kashmiri scholar and poet notes down  about the collection  that  Iqbal Anjum has all the qualities of a poet and the verses which he writes are  having a hidden musical element which may be  raveled out  by some musician in future and the same may become the heart beat of the lovers of music.   

The poetic talent in Iqbal Anjum seems to be inborn. There has been an awakening in him about the same which is not sudden but natural. He deserves appreciation for creating wonderful art of poetry in the form of   "Toshe Vin Mein Posh Mal"  "My Wishful Garland of Flowers".           

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