Leaving the Commission

And, I feel proud to say that women safety to women empowerment became buzz word in jammu and Kashmir, giving inspiration to every girl to fight for her rights of dignity and opportunities.
Leaving the Commission
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Dear people,

I pray you are all doing fine and resettling in the new political landscape. I wanted to share my thoughts with you in response to your numerous messages and questions regarding my recent decision.

For every honest work, every single moment is important and valuable, more important when one is dealing with the issues that are considered non-issues and put under the carpet, be it domestic or official.

I would have left the Commission much earlier had it not been for few reasons. The Commission has in fact no punitive powers and lacking professional staff to infrastructure which makes dealing with any case difficult.  Yet, I tried my best.  My own passion of writing got hampered due to lack of freedom in writing. But, I couldn't leave the Commission for one important reason. I strongly felt the need to finish the cases which were undergoing the reconciliation process. My regrets to those complainants whom I got registered but could not enlist as I knew I have to leave.

With the grace of the Almighty, I did my best to join families, give confidence to young girls, raise awareness about girl safety, bring children closer to parents and strengthen the sacred relationship between teacher and students. Most of all, I worked tirelessly to "Make Homes" and not break homes.

And, I feel proud to say that women safety to women empowerment became buzz word in jammu and Kashmir, giving inspiration to every girl to fight for her rights of dignity and opportunities.

My responsibility is not over with the end of my relation with Commission, I am always available 24/7 to you as I used to be earlier. My belief is that I can now work more effectively and efficiently in free society without any pulls or pressures.

I thank everyone who appreciated my work as the head of women's Commission. Thanks to all those people also who have often criticized me because you drove me to do better and work harder and achieve results within the confines of the situation I was in. Those who appreciated my work also helped me in moving forward and make a difference in the lives of the individuals whom I was able to help.

We make good decisions and bad decisions in life. Bad decisions teach us lessons of life and bring us closer to the realities that remain hidden and discreet. We come to know people around us, differentiate right from wrong and friends from foes. It is a lifelong learning. 

Experimentation is not bad if intentions are good because they provide a chance to bring some relief and give voice to those whose voices are usually drowned out by the so called bigger problem. However, we have to tread on this path very carefully because we live in a "CONFLICT ZONE". 

My association with thousands of helpless and needy women has made me cherish the idea of being part of one vibrant, conscientious and value based community which keeps us alert of all the dangers we are facing every moment of our life. But, despite all odds, pressures and betrayals, we can continue to live with pride and dignity. We prefer to live on less but we live with honour and esteem. My salute to all those who were a part of my journey and helped make it easier specially the staff at Women's Commission.

Your healthy, harsh and positive criticism has indeed helped me in making a right choice at every juncture of my life. Any decisions made by me, good or bad, I take complete responsblity for them. In making these decisions I have always tried to be fair and balanced and deliver good results despite the limitations I was constantly faced with. Any bad decision made by me which has in any way hurt you or your expectations, I apologise for wholeheartedly.  

I am an ordinary woman and love to be part of ordinary horde who enjoy simple life, free thought, free movement and free association. My future writings will certainly give you new dimensional  stories of common man to elite. And, also of those who are thriving on the gullibility of innocent people. I know, it is a dangerous path and I also know i will not give up.

I pray that the Almighty will guide and protect us from all evil designs.

Let us pray for peace and prosperity of our state so that the coming generations will see hope in future.

Yours sincerely

Nayeema Mahjoor

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