Hit and trial won’t do

Of course, a change can be brought in the situation and the new leadership that is youthful and bold can fill the political gaps .
Hit and trial won’t do
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Remember June 19. History may recall it as the day when BJP abandoned its belief in its ally  People's Democratic Party.  BJP had better ways of saying goodbye to its alliance partner, but it opted for  a rude one – announcing from Delhi  that the PDP-BJP alliance was over. Initiall, it was deemed to be a big jolt to PDP, the party that had  invested all its political fortunes in the alliance that was  set to doom from the day one. It had hoped against hope that the BJP  for  the sake of its own credibility would not upset the  applecart, though there was a little semblance of governance or political stability that the allies had documented in their Agenda of Alliance.

The point  of recalling the June 19th episode is that  has the national interest or for that matter the  interest of the  State  been served  by  the ouster of the PDP-BJP alliance government. It is more than four months that the state has been under  the Governor's rule – the direct rule by Delhi in all senses –  and nothing has changed . There is a deep political vacuum that none of the parties in the State are capable of filling any time soon . Even if the Assembly elections are called tomorrow, no party is in a position to muster a clear majority, and it may well turn out to be a situation worse than 2002 when   a combination of more than three parties and independents was put in place to form the government. National Conference with its 28 seats could have formed the alliance  with Congress that had 21  seats, but it didn't because the Congress  did not want an alliance . The independents, too, were willing to enter into an alliance with the NC, but the then Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah said, "no." There are many guesses – some  fit into the real perspective – the then NDA government led by  Atal Behari Vajpayree  was deadly against the NC's return to power  for  there was a lot of annoyance in Delhi  over regional group's moves to seek autonomy  through a resolution passed by the state legislature, thus derailing its attempts to work out a reconciliatory process with Hurriyat Conference. Abdullahs, on their part, were not  comfortable with the idea of  forming the government because   Farooq had not contested the election and Omar had  lost from the erstwhile Abdullah bastion – Ganderbal constituency .

Today, NC and PDP are sailing in the same boat . They read from the  same page when they reiterate their commitment to Article 35-A that grants  right  to land and jobs exclusively to the hereditary permanent residents of  Jammu and Kashmir. But, politically, they are unable to hide their shame of 2010 and 2016 respectively .

The 2010 street protests and the use of bullets on protestors that left more than 120 dead in the final count formed the  basis for what happened in 2016 . The 2010 atrocities on the protestors   when bullets were showered on them and additional forces were requisitioned from Delhi to quell the protests  had given birth to  the new generation of militancy of which  Burhan  Wani became an icon .  And 2016 worsened the shame for PDP because walking  blind became  a permanent stigma for the PDP . The party  lost its high moral political grandstanding and its prestige nosedived  as that of the National Conference in the political spectrum . Its alliance with BJP  was thought to be the reason behind the widespread protests, but NC was  in alliance with BJP's archrival Congress when 2010 happened . So that  argument now seems to  an excuse rather than   any real thing.. The political vacuum is unfathomable and this can create serious crisis  for the State and Delhi, the advantage of which would be taken by the hostile forces.

Of course, a change can be brought  in the situation and the new leadership that is youthful and bold can fill the political gaps. There are few glimpses of the men and women who are bold enough to call spade a spade. They have  breathed a fresh air into the suffocating atmosphere of the double speak. This new leadership should grow on its own rather than with the blessings of Delhi.  The past experience has shown that Delhi- seeded  leaders  become a liability  for themselves, for the people and also for Delhi. This kind of hit and trial will only bring travails  to J&K.

BJP's exit from the coalition government  puts Delhi – rather than  PDP in violation of the coalition dharma. It has committed one act of political blunder, it should desist from the second one.


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