Hopping Horses

The increasing metamorphosis of wishes into horses
Hopping Horses

This is not a flash. It has happened; as such uncanny dramashappen here more often than not. Yes, wishes have turned horses! And when suchan unusual incident occurs, what follows? Though logically beggars ride butbeggars here are not poor and backward enough to do so! After all, in this fastera, they ought to have their own horseless carriages. Besides, there seems noneed to do so as all of them are content with their own vocation, and they havereasons to be so.

It is only our "educated" young who are carried by high horses out of their wishes. Never content, never happy. Just galloping through air to reach to the castles. An ordinary candidate riding administrators' horse; a clerk riding officers' horse; and a daily wager riding clerks' horse.

Total chaos. Chasing crazy dreams, they rush where even angels fear to trend. This is, at least, evident from scores of individuals appearing in often held recruitment tests. One post, thousand applicants. Though we call it "unemployment", it is but under-development. Under-development of thinking faculties. In other words, desiring without deserving and breeding pestilence of Micawberism.

The increasing metamorphosis of wishes into horses disclosestwo harsh facts. One is growing materialism. All of us want easy money for aneasy life. Everyone hankers after creature comforts, a primrose path. No placefor hardships or struggle. Those of us who are already engaged in any sort ofprofession/ higher studies are also not willing horses. Such rolling specimensnever gather moss. Most of them want to be sarkari babus.

Besides, our educated young jump into everything and expectmiracles. They demand manna! A fixed goal, a fixed determination is nowhere.The decision-making capacity is utterly missing. They don't actually know whatthey ultimately want to be. A doctor becoming administrator; engineer a banker;teacher a manager; and journalist a tehsildar!

These contentions can be brushed as outright cynicism, andinstead all this termed as a "healthy" sign. The increasing number of aspirantsor rather the increasing number of eligible applicants is really heartening.Coupled with this, the fact that level of awareness regarding conduct ofvarious exams for jobs/admissions is a welcome sign.

As for latter, the one and only reason is the world-over phenomenon of information explosion. The former argument is more of an assumption because increasing number of applicants can't be attributed to improved standards or advanced talents.

A closer look reveals that this so-called cut-throat competition is more a fallout of flexible contours of our curriculums.  As long as our academic exams are plagued with faulty evaluation, clubbed with nepotism, any claim or notion regarding achievement of excellence is nothing but a figment of imagination. The matter is analogous to umpteenth of pupils going for private tuitions, mushrooming coaching centers and ever-increasing institutions offering courses on any damn thing at any damn qualification.

Perhaps the genesis of such dismal scenario lies in the belief that by mounting more and more horses, there are more and more chances of emerging as a 'dark house' somehow someday, least realizing that there is a much probability of finishing as a bruised stallion as well.

And then, when paper horses are having a field day, dark horses hardly get going! We are simply flogging dead horses and deliberately putting ourselves on the wallaby track. For being successful, interplay of various factors has to be taken into account

Bottomline: We don't even possess a horse sense to assessourselves albeit our puzzled horses stare at us and ask for mercy. Better tohold our horses lest our horses forcibly kick us down to find ourselves swampedin morose and clamoring against fate—the hackneyed exercise to guise our horsywishes.

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