‘Make rational choice in Assembly poll’

‘Make rational choice in Assembly poll’

National Conference president Faroooq Abdullah Saturday said the people of the state have to make a "rational choice" for the greater interests of the state in the forthcoming Assembly elections, a statement issued by the party reads.

The statement adds: "Addressing devotees at BabaNagriKangan, he said, forces that are inimical to the interests of the statewill use all possible means to influence the process of elections. Howeverduring the just concluded elections to Parliament, we the people audaciouslydispirited the resolve of such forces. We have won the first battle but thebiggest battle is ahead of us, we should not let complacency overwhelm us. Thestate is facing a perilous situation in the wake of numerous attacks on itsidentity, and unity."

Extolling the role of MianAltaf for his efforts towardsmaking the party stronger, Farooq, according to the statement, said, "I amgrateful to Mian Sahib for his endeavour in making the win of party'sParliamentary candidates possible. The role played by the Mian Sahib and theGujjar community in the just concluded Parliament elections is worthappreciation. I am sure that Mian sahib will continue to work with the samezeal. I take this opportunity to urge you to not be complacent; the need of thehour requires unity and hard work.

"We have a laborious task ahead of us: On one hand we haveto put the state back on the track on development and the other hand we have toprotect the interests of the state.

"In the coming days we all have to make the party'scandidates successful from all the seats of state. I pray for long life of MianBashir Ud Din Sahib. I am hopeful that his scholarly disposition and acquaintancewith Islam will guide our steps," the statement said.

Farooq said he was positively hopeful that the high-spiritedGujjar community under the leadership of Mian Sahib, will carry on the momentumof the Parliament elections in the Assembly elections as well.

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