Mela Kheer Bhawani today

Mela Kheer Bhawani today

Hundreds of devotees arrive at Tulmulla in Ganderbal | Admin puts elaborate arrangements in place | Traffic police issue route plan

Hundreds of devotees Sunday arrived at the temple of Mata Ragnya Devi at Tulmulla, one of the holiest shrines of Kashmiri Pandits, in central Kashmir's Ganderbal district to celebrate the annual festival of Kheer Bhawani falling on Monday.

Nestled in the shade of mammoth Chinars at this village incentral Kashmir's Ganderbal district, the temple received hordes of devotees,most of them Kashmiri Pandits.  LocalMuslims welcomed the devotees.

Deputy Commissioner Ganderbal, Hashmat Ali Khan told GreaterKashmir that the district administration had made elaborated arrangements forthe annual Mela. "All the arrangements of accommodation, transport, security,sanitation, etc. have been made."

The devotees were impressed with the cheerful welcome by thelocal Muslims. "I am so happy that I came here. I am glad to see young boys,both Muslims and Hindus, making arrangements for the festival of the Mata,"said a devotee.

As the devotees jostled to move closer to the main templecomplex, the chants of hymns echoed through the temple compound.

In the outer compound, stalls were set up by local Muslimsto sell various things needed to perform the rituals of the festival.

Police had made elaborated security arrangements for theannual mela.

The annual pilgrimage to one of the holiest shrines ofKashmiri Pandits takes place on Zyestha Ashtami, which falls on June 10.

The main function will be observed at Kheer Bhawani Temple,Tulmulla Ganderbal on June 10. "A large number of devotees are expected tovisit the holy temple from June 9 and will stay there till the conclusion ofthe Mela on June 10," an official said.

Superintendent of police traffic rural Muzafar Ahmed Shahtold Greater Kashmir that the arrangements have been made for ensuringhassle-free movement of commuters in general and devotees in particular to theholy shrine.


Earlier, in view of the yearly celebrations of Mela KheerBhawani, the traffic police rural Kashmir had issued a route plan for vehiclescarrying devotees to the shrine at Kheer Bhawani Temple, Tulmulla Ganderbal, anofficial said.

According to the route plan, the devotees on board heavymotor vehicles shall adopt Foreshore Road towards Pandach to Beehama toDuderhama to Dumb Kadal to Theru to Dangerpora to Thalan to Tulmulla (de-boardat this point ) to Dumb Kadal to Theru to Dangerpora to Thalan to Parking Spot(Ground No. 1 of Central University).

The devotees on board light motor vehicles shall adoptForeshore Road towards Pandach to Beehama to Duderhama to Dumb Kadal to Theruto Dangerpora to Thalan to Tulmulla (de-board at this point ) to Thalan toParking Spot (Ground No. 2 of Central University).

The devotees on board heavy motor vehicles adopting Sumbalroute shall follow the Shadipora/Sumbal to Bypass to Barsoo to Dangerpora toThalan to Tulmulla (de-board at this point) to Dumb Kadal to Theru toDangerpora to Thalan to Parking Slot (Ground No. 1 of Central University).

The devotees on board light motor vehicles adopting SumbalRoute shall follow Shadipora /Sumbal to Bypass to Barsoo to Dangerpora toThalan to Tulmulla (de-board at this point) to Thalan to Parking Spot (GroundNo. 2 of Central University).

All the devotees on board heavy motor vehicles/light motorvehicles while returning back shall adopt the following route: CentralUniversity Parking to Thalan crossing to Tulmulla to DPL Ganderbal to Beehamato Pandach or Central University Parking to Barsoo Crossing to Barsoo to Bypassto Shadipora/Sumbal.

All the passenger vehicles coming from Ganderbal towardsSafapora, Wakura, Lar and Sumbal shall adopt Beehama to Dumb Kadal to Theru toKhanihama to Repora Bypass road for both side movements. No passenger vehicleshall be allowed to move from Dangerpora to Larson road.

Tulmulla Adda, Tulmulla-Dumb Kadal road, Dangerpora toTulmulla road is a "No Parking Zone". Any vehicle found wrongly parked on theroad shall be towed and the violator will be prosecuted accordingly.

No vehicle shall be allowed to move against traffic fromTulmulla to Dangerpora, Theru to Ladwun or from Larson to Tulmulla or fromBarsoo towards Dangerpora.

No passenger vehicle shall adopt Kahnihama to Dangerporalink road, during the Mela period.

In case of congestion on Dangerpora to Tulmulla road, LightMotor Vehicles shall also adopt Tulmulla to Dumb Kadal to Theru to Dangerporato Thalan to Central University for parking their vehicles.

The officials have directed that one-way traffic for allvehicles will be enforced strictly.


Central University Ground No. 1 (For heavy motor vehiclesonly); Central University ground No. 2 (For light motor vehicles only);

Govt Girls High School Tulmulla near Thallan (for lightmotor vehicles only);

Private land of Abdul Rashid Bhat near Ex. MLA GanderbalMohammad Maqbool's House (For light motor vehicles only).

Meanwhile, all the commuters/general public, especiallypeople living in the vicinity of the shrine and surrounding areas have beenrequested to cooperate with traffic officials and adhere to the traffic plan asenvisaged for ensuring hassle-free movement, an official said.

Besides, the district administration has kept vehiclesavailable at Central University parking slot as well as outside the Mata KheerBhawani Temple for carrying the devotees from parking slots to the Temple andvice versa, he said.

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