Pregnant, Avoid stress

You need to be extra cautious during lockdown. And yes, healthy diet and hygiene is necessary to prevent infection
Pregnant, Avoid stress

Amid COVID 19 pandemic the whole nation is under lockdown, and looking at the current situation of increasing cases, the situation is likely to continue. While most of the professionals have been instructed to work from home, devoid of a workplace ambience can also lead to depression and anxiety. We are very well aware that social distancing is the only proven measure to break the infection chain in the present situation, people also need to keep themselves engaged in fruitful activities in order to keep their mental health intact.

Attributed to hormonal changes, pregnancy itself takes atoll on the woman's mental health, causing stress anxiety, depression, anger,mood swings, and during this phase it is quite important to take care ofhealth. Pregnant women need to stay positive and there needs to be a balancemaintained for emotional well being. Health and hygiene are the foremostaspects to be happy and is the most important thing for self care during thislockdown, which in long term keeps your emotional well being intact. Timelyeating habits with good nutritious and balanced food ensures good physicalhealth and keeping your surroundings clean and hygienic, provides you withpositive vibrations keeping you motivated and energetic.

Busting double stress of COVID-9 and pregnancy

The current ongoing COVID 19 pandemic has changed the wayfor everyone and pregnant women are also at the same risk of infection. Whilegynecologists are managing the antenatal care during pregnancy through onlinevideo consultations in order to limit the exposure to outside world, at thesame time it is essential to follow the safety and preventive measures untildelivery.

Make a routine of daily activities: Make a fixed dailyroutine such that it becomes your new normal. Avoid sticking to the newschannels all the time and instead only try to catch up with it twice a day. Optfor online course, rediscover your hobbies or acquire a new skill. Readingbooks on motherhood will also provide you new ideas to take care of yourselfand connect with the baby.

Relaxation and mindfulness will help – Scientifically,meditation and yoga do help, so make it your early morning schedule. Theyimprove brain blood flow, increase production of positive hormones (endorphins)and decrease oxidative stress. Connect with one family member or a friend daily(phone call, video call, or email)

Healthy diet and sleep hygiene: Healthy well-balanced dietand being physically active should be your aim. stress activates your adrenalglands to release cortisol, increasing your appetite, Stress also impedeshunger hormones, like ghrelin, that regulate your appetite. Unfortunately, thatanxiety-induced hunger can have long-term consequences for your waistline. Whenyou're under stress, you often feel out of control and overwhelmed — and thatcan leak into your eating habits. Focus on the real issue, Think long-term andGet mindful. Have a good night sleep. (good sleep hygiene). Convert your fearinto courage, poison into medicine and unlock your compassion and wisdom tohelp prevent the effects of stress on your immunity.

If you still feel anxious, confused or depressed, considertaking a session with psychologist online. Another good news is that virus hasnot been seen to cross the placenta and affect the baby (No transplacentalinfection or vertical transmission has been reported till date). Post deliveryyou can look for online classes for newborn care, lactation counselling, andnew mom support groups. Remember, it is a physical lockdown for everyone, not alockdown of your mind and soul, it is not a lockdown of help, hope and kindness

Let's learn to cope with our new reality of being in thisvirtual life that includes virtual work, virtual consultations, virtualexercise lesson and virtual family and friend meets. It is normal to feel sad,stressed, scared during such a crisis. Be in touch your Obstetrician and askfor help when needed. Be in touch with accurate and up to date information.

Dr Nupur Gupta is Director – Obs & Gyneocologist, WellWoman Clinic

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