Editorial | Life on the Line

In the post covid world when some fundamental questions would surface up regarding global order, this question also deserves attention
Editorial | Life on the Line
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World over we have different kinds of communities and populations that are vulnerable because of the systemic arrangements laid down by the new international order. Ever since the formation of nation-states people are distributed into definite territorial units where the inside and outside is defined by strict rules, and imposed by tough military and surveillance arrangements. The cartographic structure of the modern world  resulted into vulnerable sections of people who live on the lines dividing countries. The natural, and age old relations of the people living on either side of these lines got disturbed because of restrictions on movement. Though in certain places, because of a prolonged peace, the restrictions on movement were eased out, but at certain other places it went in a contrary direction. In case the dividing line has hostile countries on either side, people living on those lines went through, and are going through, difficult times.  The hostility between the countries directly disturbs their normal living, and caused devastation in the routine economic activities.

There are peoples across the globe who are victims of this cruel arrangement. In our part of the world we have many such spots where different ethnic and culturally distinct people have been divided, and because of the hostile environment subjected to occasional dislocations.  Those living in urban pockets, and in villages and towns that are in the mainland can have no idea of what kind of suffering these hapless people undergo. Their familial relations are snapped, their houses are damages in the intermittent violence, their means of livelihood are devastated, and their lives are always at the risk of being lost in some violent clash. It has now been decades that such peoples have been subjected to a victimhood rooted in an international order. It is incumbent on the international community and the respective countries of which they are citizens to think about these people and take steps to safeguard their lives and their livelihood. In the post covid world when some fundamental questions would surface up regarding global order, this question also deserves attention. After all what is the sin these people have committed. Why do they face, what they face for no fault of theirs.

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