My friend’s fight with corona
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My friend’s fight with corona

It was like he has won a war and is eager to fight everything that comes in his life

Life teaches new lessons everyday, and the hard reality is that "Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced." One of our associates unfortunately got infected by the Virus. I met him one month back after the unlock. Last week I was shocked to know that he is out and down by Corona. It was a shocker to me as I was concerned about his health and family.

I could only pray for his speedy recovery and today when I spoke to him for an hour, I was pleased that he is back to life and recovering fast although still in home quarantine.

I was anxious to know about his experience with this deadly phase of life. I could find him resolute in the way he spoke in detail. He said that the first psychological hurdle is when one gets to know that the report is Positive. This word Positive strikes hard and one loses hope. But then God is there for all of us and gradually we gain strength to fight a war which is uncertain.

He said that first few days are very crucial as there is mental agony but the Corona warriors, the medical staff are trained to uplift the spirit of life in every patient. He experienced that medication and proper diet gradually improves your energy level with every passing day.

He was confident in his explanation that I could myself see spark in the way he spoke every word. It was like he has won a war and is eager to fight everything that comes in his life.

Five points he emphasized are as under.

Be mentally strong if you get infected. Don't think negative, and don't feel that within days it will be over.

  • More fluids and Kada /mixture of Giloy, Tulsi and other herbs.
  • Proper rest
  • Healthy diet
  • Faith in God

Well, in an nation where Ayurveda has furnished for centuries we don't have faith but ask those who get cured by simple availability herbs. Giloy and Tulsi  are the herbs which everyone has to use daily to fight this virus.

It was really heartening that he recovered within a week and I promised him to froward my YOG videos as after the recovery stage there is some breathing problems which can by cured by daily Pranayama and YOG techniques of breathing.

When I asked him what are the indications which one experiences. He enumerated; loss of taste, fatigue, sore throat, and short breath. But these symptoms go with every passing day.

Thought to share the thoughts of a warrior who stood up and faced the deadly virus. My best wishes to the survivor who shared the first hand experience.

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