3-Word Mantra

In the middle of the present crisis, what is often repeated is the Mantra called Vajpayee solution comprising of three words Kashmiryat, Jamhooriyat and Insaniyant is resounding.
3-Word Mantra
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In the middle of the present crisis, what is often repeated is the Mantra called Vajpayee solution comprising of three words Kashmiryat, Jamhooriyat and Insaniyant is resounding. I have been pondering over this mantra for the last more than seven weeks of siege, restrictions, curfew, lethal pellets, bullets and other sufferings the people are going through on daily basis, but failed to find anybody who can explain the three words; even intellectuals have not been perhaps able to understand, not to talk of common man.

The only job left when one is virtually imprisoned by curfew and restrictions in his own house is to watch all debates and discussions on different channels (not always sensible and logical but some too nonsensical and too illogical as well). Naturally myself being no exception I also did the same thing and eagerly tried to watch if any body could explain the meaning of these three words which will be easily comprehensible to a common man but till date failed to find any. The only way to solve this problem is perhaps to bring Vajpayeeji on any channel to explain this three word doctrine but keeping his health and political irrelevance at present in view, that too is not possible; so I tried to scratch my head, and make an attempt to explain it. So here we go word by word:


If it is meant respecting and preserving the socio cultural identity of the Kashmiris (which includes all the three regions) then the hint is that special status supposed to be guaranteed by article 370 has been infringed upon and violated by systematic erosion deliberately right from 1954 with the sole aim and objective of making in roads into our society and culture to deprive us from our identity which deserves to be reversed so that KASHMIRYAT is restored to its original position. That includes distinct identity without interference – politically, socially, economically as well as administratively. This on the one hand amounts to admission of illegal inroads through dubious methods, and a dire need to reverse the same. Apparently unless no other sinister design is behind, it is a Mantra one can try to think about, if not accept outrightly.


To my meager understanding it means respect for human rights, and human values which include justice and fairness in letter and spirit, irrespective of religion, region, cast, color, or any other consideration. Rampant violation of human rights documented by dozens of organisations which includes local, national and even international organisations stands testimony to this. While this means admission of INSANIYAT having been seriously bruised and brutalised in Valley, and all chances of justice and fairness been denied, and this will be henceforth not done is again a step in right direction with only one caveat. What kind of justice will it be in case those who committed the violations and atrocities are not brought to justice.


This is again most important to understand. If it is the same JAMHOORYAT which we have seen right from 1951 then he has said nothing new, but if it meant change then obviously he offered something new. Perhaps democracy in real sense, not hypocracy which has been the norm till now. Offering as an idea of solution it primarily amounts to admission of the fact that their has been no JAMHOORYAT in the State particularly in the valley till now, which necessarily implies that the rhetoric and narrative based on rigged and fabricated electoral process needs to be stopped henceforth. It further implies that whatever has been done to suppress the political sentiment till now needs to be reversed. JAMHOORYAT did not cross the tunnel for the last 65 years, will it cross now?

Will this mantra solve the Kashmir problem or not, is a question that still needs to be answered.

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