A different contest this time

Coming elections in the greatest democracy of the world, this time around, are going to be an entirely different affair
A different contest this time
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Amid Covid-19, there was revival of black lives matter movement and protests that have broken out across America in the recent past over continued killing of African American at the hands of racially charged police. Coming elections in the greatest democracy of the world, this time around, are going to be an entirely different affair. There were only a few town hall/public meetings held by the republican candidate Donald Trump at some selective places. Usual public rallies held by the different candidates previously that used to cost millions of dollars are completely missing from the scene.

All that we see now is nothing but the coverage given to the statements made by the two candidates to the print and electronic media; nothing else. No big issues have been raked up. No mention of Russian interference in the elections, trade war with China, confrontation with North Korea and Iran or ongoing war in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan or elsewhere. But it seems to have virtually boiled to mask or no mask. As Donald Trump, on the one hand, is roaming around without wearing a mask and is completely disregarding WHO guidelines while as on the other hand his rival Joe Biden is strictly adhering to the advice given to him by the experts on the subject.

Republicans have from day one chosen to go with the Donald Trump on his bid for the next term as president of the United States. While as democrats to start with had number of candidates to choose from but ultimately it was Joe Biden who survived the race within the party and was  chosen by the democrats to take on Donald Trump in the next general elections to be held on November 3rd.

Joe Biden has a track record of faithfully and obediently having served as vice president in the Barak Obama administration for consecutive two terms. Unlike Hillary he never ever showed any sign or ambition of running for the post of president of the United States but seems to have been prompted by Obama himself to try his luck. Be it as it may, there is not even a slightest doubt about his being a decent guy by all standards. He is a little older and a total contrast to the President Donald Trump. Donald Trump means nothing but business and not ready to take anything lying down but in taking everything head one. Be it a domestic issue or an issue of any great international importance. One thing that goes to his credit despite of raising rhetoric he has not involved the United States into any major conflict worldwide during his last term as the president of the United Sates.

The contest between the two no doubt is going to get tough with each passing day. Joe Biden though seems to be gaining ground over Donald Trump because of spread of COvid-19 pandemic and revival of black lives matter movement which right now have overwhelmed the United States.

Donald Trump, in spite of the fact that he has tried to keep all his previous electoral promises, is still trailing behind as far as current exit poll surveys are concerned. But they cannot for sure indicate that he is going to lose. If we analyze previous election results he was trailing behind Hillary Clinton in poplar vote but he still won those elections on the basis of Electoral College Votes and has completed his previous terms without any trouble.

Anyways ultimate picture in the current elections will only emerge after one to one debates on the TV that are to happen between the two now.

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