A Disguised Curse

His tears were a cry for mercy but at the same time implicit curse for cold blooded society
A Disguised Curse

It was a fine morning, and I was on my way to university. While walking I saw an old man, perhaps in his late seventies, with a long white beard. His face was as radiating and glowing as the firist beam of sunlight. But as I approached him I saw his tears-filled eyes. His back was aching and he was not in a position to walk further. He sighed and tried to stop three young bikers for a lift, but no one stopped. I was walking swiftly but his tearful eyes engrossed me, and I stood there by his side. Many fancy cars and bikes passed by, but his wrinkles and tears couldn't melt the heart of anyone. He lost the hope and sighed "waii myani khudaya Aar ti chhukh na yivan myoon, panun reham kar." His words hit my heart like a bullet, and seemed to me as a disguised curse for the cold blooded modern generation. He complained to Almighty Allah about the unkind nature of young people who don't pay heed to his plight. His tears were a cry for mercy but at the same time implicit curse for cold blooded society. I was frightened that his tears may bring wrath of Allah on us. I stood motionless and he too. His eyes were reflecting his pain but goes unnoticed in a fast paced world and the bus came. I left but the flashbacks of his painful face haunted me again and again for the whole day. I felt guilty for being a part of society where no one has time to pause and show kindness to the needy.

How can we become so inhuman and stone hearted that we overlook the pain of mankind. Kashmiris are acclaimed across globe for their hospitality but I doubt can we as modern society retain that essence of love kindness and affection. Let's rejuvenate our dead souls .Let's pause and see life beyond world of fancy cars and bikes. Let's be kind to others and show some sympathy to others. No good will ever go unrewarded. If we help others lord will ease our own affairs and will help us when we get stuck at critical junctures in our lives.

We should make it a habit to go for walk, it will give us greater understanding of life beyond our comfort zone. We will develop a greater appreciation for the blessings we are bestowed with. It will make us humble and kind. It will also save us from lifestyle diseases like coronary heart diseases, diabetes and obesity. We can also save fuel and contribute to nature and walk gives us an opportunity  to spend some time enjoying  the beauty of nature which will thrive us with freshness and zeal. Let's make it a habit to interact with others. Let's share our thoughts and emotions  and feel the difference. Let's give someone a shoulder to cry on; if you cannot do anything , at least give them a patient listening, share few words of affection

There is a famous urdu couplet:

Dard e dil k wastai paida kia insan ko

Warna ta't ke liye kuch kam na thai karo bayan

Lord have angels and other creation to worship him, to obey him. He don't need humans for that. He created humans to serve mankind. But where is the humanity. What about that purpose. Do we care for others? Do we think about welfare of others? Do we pay heed to the plight of others? These are the questions for which we need to seek answers from our conscience?

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