A new trajectory of ideas

A P J Abdul Kalam not only appreciated my work, but encouraged and urged me to publish my research so that it will remain a reference and act as threshold in this field, which is yet to be explored.
A new trajectory of ideas

Destiny drives a man; this was revealed to me by my own journey, till now. In order to achieve my childhood dream I discontinued my regular studies in medical stream and enrolled myself in Music and Fine Arts College. By the grace of Almighty I achieved all in this field from highest academic excellence to fame. Unfortunately I always felt some void, for being medical and music student my thoughts intermingled and I always thought what  is the connect between the sound with universe including living creatures. Ultimately, now, I am able to reveal the aspects in my forthcoming books and research papers. Even through the the research done, and that has latter also been acknowledged and appreciated by many foreign research organizations,  which notably include International Research Council of Art , USA, and  International Research Council, Paris. This journey of my research took me to the doors of many prominent scholars, experts, and scientists connected with this field, with the state and the country; Prominent amongst them being our Late President cum Scientist Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The President not only appreciated my work, but encouraged and urged me to publish my research so that it will remain a reference and act as threshold in this field, which is yet to be explored.    

Here is how you can get an idea of the research:

Infinity Wave Theory (Towards a New Theory of Sound) 

One might divide knowledge into three parts – 10% known to science, 10% being researched on, and 80% still unimagined and not even attempted to discover. I seek to draw attention of people in general, academic community and relevant experts in particular, towards the exciting new possibility opened in the last realm. For quite some time, thanks to professional interest in music and theory of music that led me to wider and more fundamental area of theory of sound, I have been pursuing a new trajectory of ideas that I seek to put before the world in the form of the book. Since new time theory has been envisaged to explain the phenomena and this theory in turn requires rather detailed and technical explication, I briefly hint at certain points that may help the reader to get a better idea of what I aim at. It may also be noted that as the ideas are of very broad scope and apply across disciplines, and it is only in the end that they appear rather simple, when we are able to see hitherto unnoticed connections and appreciate how new vistas are opened up in both the world of theory and practice – it envisages great range of applications from medicine to cosmology to borders of spirituality – one can't present more than a claim and that too in the form of a very tentative key idea. 

Sound has, from times immemorial been assumed to have deep cosmic and metaphysical significance. Esoteric truths have long been expressed in terms of sound and music in various mystical traditions including Sufism. Sound has been central to the philosophy of certain Indian  philosophical and religious schools. In modern physics, vibration has been invoked in certain models of the universe. However, what has been so far missing from all these attempts is a comprehensive theory of sound and cosmology, sound and life, sound and metaphysics. I have endeavoured, without invoking complex and abstract categories of certain philosophies and theologies or scientific theories, a new comprehensive theory that proposes sound principle or more precisely infinity wave system.

 My theory proposes to be a comprehensive system fundamentally based on sound and thus can be called metaphysics or ontology of system, and the system is named infinity wave system. Energy and dynamics of these waves, to be described later in the book under preparation, have so far eluded human mind. Everything, physical and biological is linked to this idea of sound. Sound helps determine all things in the universe. This system has specific time determination as is true of all other things. We can say how minerals, soil, water etc. are created and there are precise mathematical formulae for their genesis and decay. Cosmological data too are linked to all this. Life on earth is also linked to the same dynamics and metaphysics of sound. A precise mechanism and formula is there that helps explain many facets of life. There is posited infinity wave cycle. Infinity, corresponding to energy, is neither created nor dissolved but changes mode of manifestation. The system will explain how come we have so far been unable to replicate life forms or interfere in organogenesis. Ultimately theological notions get a new grounding. It is not that fundamental elements and forces are ultimately unified and grounded in infinity. From stones to genes to oceans all things under the sun can be precisely integrated or determined as functions of what I call infinity wave. There is a new theory of time that would help explain a number of phenomena, especially difference between living and non-living forms. My theory will explain why life is found only on earth. Our theory presents a panpsychic universe. However humans are unique in earth. The way we can say water is living we can posit life principle in the universe. A new light is thrown on the origin of universe to origin of life to certain facets of religious or spiritual life through our theory with precise formulae derived from the basic premises. My theory opens an entirely new vista on the universe that hasn't been imagined though dimly hinted by certain sages and thinkers previously.

To fortify my research I am in the process of publishing it in the form of full-fledged books, for which I have applied for getting ISBN from concerned organisation. I can vouch with certainty that my research is and will make a revolution in thinking, application, and making of science. Furthermore, it is and will be my constant endevour to work in this field as I have devoted everything for it and for I am ready to clear the doubts if any in any one's mind, at any forum or platform.   

 Dr  Shahzad Aasim at a glance 

Member: International Council of Research and Art USA. International Music Council France. 

                                            Awards and certificates

Received Gold medal award in the field of music from university of Kashmir.

Received 1st  Position holder Merit certificate from university of Kashmir.

Received J & K best singer award 2006-2007-2008 through J & K arts, handicrafts & exhibition.

Received best artist award from Hon'ble Sonia Gandhi ji for the national integration program held at Surat (Gujrat).

Received best award for the contribution of art, culture & languages through institute of peace & research From Susheela Bhan Director IPRA New Delhi.

Received best artist award for peace and prosperity and save art and languages of Kashmir titled Sain Kashir .

Received best award for the contribution of cultural heritage of Kashmir titled Panun Kashmir.

Received best artist award certificate from Divisional commissioner Bharat Vyas for Jane Apna Desh organized by NO MARKS INDIA LTD.2005

Received best artist certificate from directorate of field publicity Ministry of information & Broadcasting.

Received best artist certificate from J&K Art, Culture & Languages from 2004 on wards.

Music Albums:

Brem Dith Saqi, Sadaa, Saher, Soz, Suroor, Saber and Sakoon.

Books/Research Papers:-             

The secret of music approved by International Music Council France.

The secret of nature approved by International Council of Research and Art USA.

The moon at noon approved by International Council of Research and Art USA.

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