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I read with attention the response of Dy CM Nirmal Singh regarding Dal Lake as eco system.
About the Lake
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I read with attention the response of Dy CM Nirmal Singh regarding Dal Lake as eco system. It seems his response was typed by some weak technical historian who doesn't understand the basics of marine engineering. My response to his answers is given below:

1- Government admits that the trees were chopped off rather than uprooted to allow regrowth!! Are there any specific reasons to such actions? 

Even an illiterate person knows that underwater growth is faster if roots are intact. It is a very common trend to have trees uprooted near water bodies followed by mild excavation to ensure no relapse. Was this action of simply cutting deliberate or otherwise?

2- Government's claim of having dredged 2.8 Million Cubic of solids while increasing the lake expanse by 2 kms is another, "Election Jumla". 

If one calculates the volume in reverse as follows:

2 sq. kms = 1414.21 x 1414.21 Sq. m

2,800,000 cubic meter of solids have been claimed as dredged which means an average of 1.9798 m (6.49 ft) of depth has been achieved across the 2 sq km area. It is for anyone to recheck the claims by checking the depths within the area identified.

I have to apprise the minister that 2.8 M cubic of solids is enough to create an area bigger than Nehru park inside Dal. Can LAWDA or any responsible agency identify the dredged volume stockpile locations failing which the government should penalize the employees responsible, based on each cubic meter of solids unrecorded. In order to counter, a bathymetric survey of the area Pre & post dredge would be more accurate & professional.

3- Annual de-weeding of 1 lakh cubic meter is another distorted figure unless they constitute weeds de-weeded over a 5-year period. A quantity as defined can as well help in establishing a fodder processing plant in Kashmir which can cater to the public during harsh winter months.

4- STPS established need to be reactivated. Though as a principle no sewerage should be allowed into the lake whether directly or indirectly, it does seem some people consider it their birth right to throw rubbish, plastics, dead carcass & even used furniture into the lake. I recommend some good STP experts be contacted who can help in getting over the mess. Kashmiri engineers who have spent years in designing & commissioning STPs in Middle East would be a good option to support the government.

The biggest shortcoming in the whole cycle is weak technical expertise added by a fluent narration by a history professor whose syllabi excluded Marine engineering. 


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