Afghan govt media deptt head killed by Taliban

Afghan govt media deptt head killed by Taliban
Taliban men in Afghanistan. [Image for representational purpose only]Wikimedia/ isafmedia

Kabul, Aug 6: The Taliban shot and killed the director of Afghanistan's Government Information Media Center on Friday, the latest killing of a government official and one that comes just days after an assassination attempt on the acting defense minister.

Taliban spokesman ZabihullahMujahid told The Associated Press that the groups' fighters had killed Dawa Khan Menapal, who ran the government's press operations for the local and foreign media.

In a statement Mujahid put out later, he said Menapal "was killed in a special attack of Mujahideen" and was "punished for his deeds.

Mujahid did not give any more details. The killing of government officials by the Taliban is not uncommon, and several recent attacks against civilians have been claimed by the Islamic State. The government most often holds the Taliban responsible.

The killing of Menapal occurred as weekly Friday prayers were being said, Interior Ministry Deputy Spokesman Said Hamid Rushan said. It was unclear where Menapal was at the time of the shooting.

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