AI: J&K lags far behind

It is the limited learning in education sector about IT that the people of J&K may be thinking that internet is just about social media
AI: J&K lags far behind
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We are living in the Era were we can observe that time is running fast, not by means of the watches we wear but the speed the development and technology.  World is trying to go to higher levels to achieve the goal of complete usage of Artificial intelligence by means of computers and other IT gadgets. In many parts of the world, and in India too, the AI is the main priority to be implemented in every sector of living like in medical sector, defense, education and other businesses and organizations. Artificial intelligence (AI) has received increased attention in recent years. Innovation, made possible through the Internet, has brought AI closer to our everyday lives. From solving common mathematical problems to the launching of space ships, the AI is the primary step.

Email filtering: Email services use artificial intelligence to filter incoming emails. Users can train their spam filters by marking emails as "spam".

Personalization: Online services use artificial intelligence to personalize your experience. Services, like Amazon, flipkart, Youtube or Netflix, "learn" from your previous purchases and the purchases of other users in order to recommend relevant content for you)

Fraud detection: Banks use artificial intelligence to determine if there is strange activity on your account. Unexpected activity, such as foreign transactions, could be flagged by the algorithm.

Speech recognition: Applications use artificial intelligence to optimize speech recognition functions. Examples include intelligent personal assistants, e.g. Amazon's "Alexa" or Apple's "Siri").

Robotic Engineering: Defense Engineering and other such computer formed engineering in our country are the examples of AI.

Robotics in one of the usages of AI which changed the scenario of living. Artificial intelligence is a technology that is already impacting how users interact with, and are affected by the Internet. In the near future, its impact will only continue to grow. AI has the potential to vastly change the way that humans interact, not only with the digital world, but also with each other, through their work and through other socioeconomic institutions – for better or for worse.

If we are to ensure that the impact of artificial intelligence will be positive, it will be essential that all stakeholders participate in the debates surrounding AI. As AI is an Internet enabled technology, the Internet Society recognizes that understanding the opportunities and challenges associated with AI is critical to developing an Internet that people can trust.

But unfortunately, J&K is still waiting for the high speed internet and we are far behind in the concept of Artificial intelligence and its implementation in day to day work and businesses. We are not in a position to have the online services available to launch our business online in the cyber world. Such things not only make us lose in terms of economy but also in emotional manner also, we lack the potential of being online and discover new things despite J&K having already many skilled IT persons and engineers who are now trying to move from J&K to some place where their skills are respected and nourished. To us the AI is limited to have ATMs installed in our state and have CT scan machine in our hospitals. But AI (Artificial Intelligence) is lot more.

After problems we come up with the solutions, but we should have solutions before problems. Due to COVID19 and Lockdown the people of J&K became aware about many application platforms like Zoom app, Microsoft Teams, Skype Meetings etc otherwise people was just limited to social media or submitted online exam or job forms. This is because of the poor execution in IT sector. It is the limited learning in education sector about IT that the people of J&K may be thinking that internet is just a social media.

We should come forward to have high speed internet available in our educational, business, engineering, defense and medical sectors to enable professionals to discover new things with new AI gadgets and robotics. Apart from many other webcasts to the students the webcast, online / offline seminars should come into power to educate the skilled youth about the technology and its usage in day to day life should be ecouraged. Technology will never eliminate the human power but can add intelligence to human race, and help in growing us – economically, financially and emotionally.

Khalid Mustafa is an IT & Management Expert, currently, IT Manager @HK Nissan

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