An election with global ramifications

Every individual, and all countries round the world get affected one way or the other when the elections are held in the US
An election with global ramifications
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Elections in the US are to conclude in about a week's time from now. More than fifty million people have already cast their votes in advance. The race has heated up and both candidates in the fray are making all out last minute efforts to persuade their supporters to come out in a big way on November 3rd and cast votes in their favour. Usually elections held in any other country in the world do not affect other countries and people at all. But the elections in the US are an exception to this general rule. As every individual and country round the world gets affected one way or the other when the elections are held in the US.

President Trump right now is trailing behind Joe Biden in national exit polls, but possibility of his second term in office cannot be ruled out altogether as he had won last held election despite losing popular vote by a big margin but wining it on the basis of state-wise electoral vote count as against his rival democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. His graph may have come down because of recent Covid-19 pandemic and revival of black lives matter movement. But despite all that the US economy is doing well and that cannot be ignored altogether by anyone, whatsoever. He has ensured that his Supreme Court Judge nominee is in place well before these elections are over. And on foreign policy front he has succeeded in persuading one after another Middle East country to come forward and recognize , to boost his wining prospects.

While as on the other hand Joe Biden is trying to take advantage of the legacy left behind by his erstwhile mentor Barack Obama and the eccentric style of functioning of his rival President Donald Trump. He has spent two consecutive terms as Vice President of the United States during Obama administration and in the process has gained enough knowledge and experience how to run the country if elected to power. Although as on date despite of 47 years in public service he has not shown any traits or signs of playing any leadership or statesmanship role.

Anyways Joe Biden or Donald Trump once elected will have to first deal with China, Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia. The US sees an opportunity for itself in the China-India standoff in Ladakh and elsewhere. It wants to fully back India to stop Chinese desire to dominate the region or taking over of Taiwan forcibly. Taiwan after seeing what has happened to Hong Kong has become more defiant and reluctant to join the main land China in the near future. It has embarked on the policy of befriending India to counter the possibility of any Chinese aggression as against it. The US, Japan, Australia and India have already joined hands to counter this hegemony under the banner of QUAD also known as Quadrilateral Security Dialogue-QSD. It wants to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible and ask India to provide security cover to the Afghanistan government by way of a bargain. It has to deal with the differences that have crept in between the US and its European allies over Iran; bring peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia at the earliest. And play the pivotal role into the other day to day world affairs as a leader of the free world.

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