An Elusive Politics

Political ignorance is not bliss because an uninformed electorate can not rationally exercise control over government policies.
An Elusive Politics
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Political ignorance is not bliss because an uninformed electorate can not rationally exercise control over government policies. This elementary political knowledge is pre-requisite for democracy as it helps in 'Retrospective Voting' where in we judge politicians by their past performances not by their current promises. However, promises do matter in political campaigns, for they have proved fruitful. For seeking an unending power, politicians resort to political campaigns. Their speeches add power to their actions. Their enthusiasm and their spirit to take nations/communities to new heights are mirrored in their body reflections behind their actions and speeches, etc. Such actions and speeches have, therefore, become potential sources to judge their performances. What is worth to mention is that these actions and speeches with underlying objectives helps a state/party/individual to establish a solid political structure or thought on the podium of which a perceptible history can be woven. Most of the times their effective delivery was/is made to score good political gains against other political elites in the competition. History has seen birth of men with such political campaigns who pledged strongly to take their nations to new privileged position under historic speeches. Unswerving honesty and practicability was exercised more for improving the distressed condition of the people. It was Fidel Castro, a communist icon and a university student in Cuba, who by his commitments and speeches converted defeats into mobilizing activities- activities that made him to change Cuba from colonial paradise into a an important player on the world stage. His speeches reflected pure reality shows and his struggle against Batista and gigantic USA was war against injustice done to Cuba. His unique appearance made him to end American political domination. The blistering speeches by Hitler, similarly, made him not only a proficient orator but also an iron willed man to prevail over his adversaries. The air of optimism in the speeches of Hitler ultimately brought back respect for the Germans through his state acceptance of Germans as a superior race in the world. He also launched 'Winter Aid' programme to support charity and to feed the neglected section of German society. The 'Public Works Project' by him was to counter unemployment and economic depression, the then grave problem of the world and thus, a great savior to his people. At one period of time, most of the speeches were taken seriously by both rulers and general masses; and thus became impregnable force to change their course of histories. Whatever the results of these early histories but it can be fairly accepted that they connected people together and never ever belied their hopes be it good or bad season. They always stood true to their word be it war or peace. They were always seen in front row to shoulder responsibilities of both good and evil. Such leaderships were stimulated by Roseau's 'Great Legislature', Max Webber's 'Charismatic Leader', or Nietzsche's 'Superman' blessed with extraordinary capabilities to gather follower-not by deception but by faith in good harvest. They showed faith in dictum that some should lead and others should follow as power to them was means with which goals can be attained for the benefit of all crisscrossing all barriers. However, it is universal law that every climax has a fall and more truly politics is played in paradigm shifts. No government is stable and each government sows its own seeds of destruction. Today's world is on different axis where political leadership has neglected the relevance of these ethics that were truly setting the tune for the rule to rally around an objective. Modern day actions and speeches are fuelling discomfort, hatred and vulnerability. Political stalwarts believe in deceitful means or mere sloganeering to persuade people or more truly engage them in day dreaming for a given period of time. The qualities of a fox in diplomatic matters are ruling the political elites, every state apparatus is custodian of an evil and myopic view. New actions/speeches delivered on the podium of state are poisoned with the agenda of alienation, conspiracy, separation, communal politics, etc; separating individual from individual, society from society, community from community. Dishonesty is considered the best policy. 'Campaign Talks' are run more on fake promises with free hand to escapism. The new political leadership believes in imposing coercion rather than seeking consent, in striving for power for attaining prestige given by the power not good will of the people. This kind of scenario fits to the modern day political thought where constitutional remedies are appreciably thought highly appropriate to restore peace but rarely executed. Our speeches disapprove our actions and our actions disapprove our speeches. The Sir John Chelcot Report recently has found Tony Blear and G.W Bush, the self-styled democrats, guilty for making hell out of heaven in Iraq in 2003. They all the times pleaded for a democratic World but were caught in the report to mislead people and impose war on Iraq on phony evidence. Similarly World's six richest countries (UK, France, USA, China, Germany, and Japan), who contribute more than half of the World economy and are overtly or covertly involved in sending people to refugee camps, are right now with lofty speeches about the rehabilitation of refugees but have hosted less than 9% of them (refugees). Poor countries, (Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, South Africa, and Palestine) who contribute less than 2% of World's economy, on the contrary, host more than 50% of refugees. Donald Trump's anti Muslim or anti Mexican campaign made him laudable and more invincible but is 'campaign talk, may change as is believed by Faroukh Shamsi, a close friend of Trump. Similarly, India, so called World largest democracy, under Modi is adding a feather to her cap by hoisting a flag of 'Sab ka Saath and Sab ka Vikas' (Together with all, Development with all). But under the same slogan most of India is heavily fractured with sense of alienation. Minorities, their institutions and torch bearers are facing the heat of Hindutva ideology. Freedom of expression, cultural freedom and other democratic voices are gaged or interned. Hegemony of Hindu culture is brazenly in state patronage. This dilemma set fire to J&K as well where PDP in its election campaign in 2014 pulled her socks up to deny a space to BJP and fight against 'BJP's 44+ Mission' to improve dismal human rights track records, to abolish AFSPA, to work on sharia banking, and above all to bring 'Local Self Rule' where trade was to go beyond symbolism across LOC and help their economic integration, making article 356 non applicable to J&K under article 370. What is unsympathetic about PDP was that under mercy pleading, 'Healing Touch', they exploited people's aspirations and emotions, wrote obituary lines with soaked eyes of those who fell victim to Indian forces or state forces, vehemently condemned those who were involved inside or outside the govt., artfully managed to house these precious feeling in political urns to be used for vote bank politics. Responding to these is proving a pitiable act and possibly casting a slur on the character of Kashmir history ever to be remembered for turning this up side down. This is elusive politics where inconsistencies are consistently ruling the regimes. A new political ethic is practiced where within no time foes can be friends and friends can be foes. 

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