An Open Letter to Finance Minister

If there is no need of vets in the state why don’t you shut down the two factories (one at Shuhama & other at RS Pura) when their produce is worth nothing?
An Open Letter to Finance Minister


Being associated with Veterinary Profession is indeed a matter of pride given the nature of job. How can one forget Ghandiji's words that civilization of a society is known by the way its animals are treated. According to Will Rogers, "the best doctor in the world is a veterinarian. He can't ask his patients what is the matter – he's got to just know". How much a vet contributes to making of a just and moral society? How much intelligent and dedicated a vet is? Perhaps need no certificate from a person who without any knowledge arrogantly denies the same. It is sheer arrogance and ignorance on his part. Simply giving vent to his frustration owing to his failure to deliver. Indeed one may be talented in calculating the profit/loss but he may not be or needn't necessarily be equally talented in even thinking the efforts put by a vet during his entire professional career of 10 long years. Sir, absolutely no expectations from you but request is made not to denigrate a profession you aren't aware of.

Coming back to main issue of liability of vets and the associated departments, let me put forward some suggestions for the good of the state. This will also benefit the little buds who want to live not with a sense of guilt and humiliation but with dignity and honour.

1. If the twin departments of Animal and Sheep husbandry are defunct why don't you dare to close them? On what grounds you label them a liability. Their number, salary, contribution or serving the poorest of poor without pomp and show. Why don't you label Education Department as a liability? Please check the teacher – student ration in govt. run schools. Take a look at their contribution. Why don't you close the Power Department when state power projects stand sold and producers are forced to purchase electricity at exorbitant rates? Why don't you shut the Agricultural Department when most of the agricultural land has been turned into residential colonies and people hardly need technical support from Agri department? And people too have developed taste for outside rice that too without efforts and at lesser price.

2. How do you forget the vet who is involved, in one or other way, every time you eat meat or eggs, take milk or ice cream or tea, please remember a vet and consider it as their contribution and not manna.

3. Sir, it was late Mufti M. Sayeed who raised the intake capacity of FVSc & AH from 20 to 100. I wish he would have been alive. He had a dream and a vision. Please don't shatter his dreams or declare that it was all a delusion. Further, if there is no need of vets in the state why don't you shut down the two factories (one at Shuhama & other at RS Pura) when their produce is worth nothing? The two campuses can offer wonderful and picturesque places for setting up of state-of-the-art banks to make huge profits. You have a great opportunity to establish the biggest and beautiful banks not only in India but in entire Asia which probably you might have dreamt as a genius economist..

5. Regarding the recent screening exam boycott I wish either all could have appeared or boycotted, I wish vacancies could have been many fold yet one must appreciate the discipline and professionalism shown by the protesting vets. The same character is taught to these budding vets by none other than vets who are serving in veterinary faculties. But what has happened in Jammu is highly condemnable.

Having said so, I wish rather than belittling noblest of the noble professions you will either prove you genius self by reviving the sector, making it accountable and deliverable or close down the two factories as mentioned and nip the evil in the bud.

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