APD theatrics

As the events unfolded it was clear that the delegation was not given the mandate to officially talk to Hurriyat, the political face of the resistance movement.
APD  theatrics
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A twenty member All-Party Parliamentary Delegation, from dozens of parties, was set up by government of India following  some ' serious' kind of debate on Kashmir issue in  Indian parliament last month. It reached the valley on 4th September but only to see its own insincerity and hypocrisy hurled back at her. The  Huryat, that spearheads the present mass uprising and whose resistance calendar is strictly and religiously abided by the people,  refused to talk with her. The veteran leader Syed Ali Geelani literally slammed door on the delegation. Home Minister Rajnath Singh blamed Huryat for rejecting the dialogue offer and condemned their behavior terming it against ' Insanyat , Jamhooryat and Kashmiryat'. He also said Huryat has ' lost the golden opportunity'. In the same breath, however, he said, ' Not only me, the entire country and the parliament are pained over the situation.'

First things first. Who else other than vulnerable  unarmed people of Kashmir need a break from the gory incidents of killings that they have to face daily? For the last 70 years they have been boiling in the juice of uncertainty that is the gift of the Cleopatra of Indian democracy. For whatever its projected beauty and benign attitude outside Lakhanpore, in terms of ' Sovereignty of people' and aversion against ' forced wedlock'( Nehru), Kashmiris have been driven home the ' non-negotiable' by Delhi that Goebbels's heredity has many a survivals to own him. Not only India reneged from its plebiscite pledge which  it fastened on its own with the Instrument of Accession of 1947, the project democracy it introduced in Kashmir turned a farce ( Governor BK Nehru admitted that all elections save one held in 1977 during Murarji Desai's government were rigged). One may ask, what is the legal and constitutional binding of all those enactments that owe their origin to such surrogate assemblies?  When people of Kashmir ask Indians to fulfil their commitments regarding right to self determination, it provides them the ' golden opportunity' to make atonements of their past wrong doings and betrayals, it committed on people of Kashmir and against the people of India. So people of Kashmir are not asking for ' moon', they are seeking justice India does to herself, and to us as well. 

Alas addicted to the land of Kashmir, they forgot the panoramic landscape has a human habitation too. Behind the democratic façade, the Dogra Maharajas, it seems, have risen anew from their samadeese. Same draconian laws to hold the territory, in the same measure counts the life and dignity, honor and property of the local subject.( In 2008 and 2010 ' unrest' respectively 62 and 122 people, mostly teenagers were killed but killers in uniform have yet to be punished and in in the recent uprising over 75 civilians have got killed till now).   

Ignorance could have come to the rescue of India and its local collaborators like NC, PDP( the so called regional parties). But it is a net-savvy generation that is capable of  judging the fatal events that led our beautiful Kashmir to a blazing hell we are struggling to wriggle out from. Kashmir in 2016 is centuries advanced in knowledge, courage, conviction and determination than when mesmerized by Abdullah's singing Quran people would be deluded into believing ' Sheikh Saheb'  was Aazadi. At a click are away Abdullah, Nehru, Mountbatten, MK Gandhi and Maharaja Hari Singh—principal players who joined in to force a change in the otherwise a straight natural flow of Kashmir mainstream, thus the genesis of Kashmir problem. The state narrative peddled by Delhi  has many tough contenders to disprove her. Arrogance and aggression are the last refuse of the one losing the battle of ideas and argument. This is how youth of Kashmir are growing  to have a feel of treachery and deception played  during and after accession. You cannot gouge out their sense of history and sentiment purity through blinding them by pellets. You have to bring them on the table and listen then and convince them.

Now where from we started. As the events unfolded it was clear that the delegation was not given the mandate to officially talk to Hurriyat, the political face of the resistance movement. Home Minister says any member in  the delegation can go and meet them  in ' his or her individual capacity'. Then, without sending Huryat the official invitation, in all arrogance, Rajnath Ji tweets/ states, ' anyone who is interested can talk to us'. He then drones ' anyone believing in Insanyat, Jamhooryat and Kashmiryat' is welcome, but applies the rider, ' talks have to be within the ambit of Indian constitution'.

I am surprised to see a man holding the portfolio of Home Ministry behaving in such an irresponsible manner and trivializing the delegation sojourn, rather holding it to its personal egos. His hubris-driven attitude showed as if he was doling out Khiraat( doles) to us Kashmiris and  Huryat  should  kneel down before the neo-Maharaja and beseech in submission .

The entire process started from the Delhi, its parliament and Home Ministry. It was obligatory on Delhi to send invitation from Home Ministry. It instead detoured it to state chief minister  Mehbooba Mufti. But here again to  devalue is significance, she was directed to send the invitation not from the office of chief minister, but as president of her party PDP.  So nowhere government's sincerity is visible. Again if Kashmir issue could have been settled within the ambit of Indian constitution it would have relieved Indians of the 'pain' and Kashmiris would not have had to offer such huge sacrifices. In this backdrop, how could have Huryat  accepted the invitation. Delhi needs to remember that Huryat has, in present circumstances,  emerged the only credible voice Kasmiris have reposed their trust on, and  Delhi has but to engage with her, showing all respect it deserves and not lay any condition. And, equally importantly, has to do proper home work, show clarity, sincerity and truthfulness.

In a situation where Kashmiris are barricaded into a military prison, its population subjected to all atrocities and hardships, over ten thousand people maimed for life, hundreds perpetually or partially blinded by pellets, thousands imprisoned and tourniquet tightened with every passing day,( summarized in one line by PDP senior leader and MP, Tariq Hamid Qara when he said that ' Last 54 days must have shamed Nazis'),  Kashmiris ask , does it all fall in the spheres of,  what  Rajnath Ji says ' Insanyat, Jamhooryat and Kashmiryat'? 

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