As advisors talk

Many accuse Hurriyat for what they achieve when they talk to Pakistan or even with India but the question is very simple what is option with them.
As advisors talk
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While life of people across both the sides of LoC has turned hell, National Security Advisors of India and Pakistan are expected to meet for the dialogue in New Delhi.

However neither India nor Pakistan know what they have to offer each other. Whatsoever behind the curtains may be, common masses in both the countries and particularly in J&K have already predicted these talks to prove futile.

Infact the credibility of the institution of dialogue has been already demolished, no matter who blames whom? I don't find it logical to blame India or Pakistan for trying to overpower each other as like every sovereign country they have to protect their national interests.

But the ways and means have to be considerably reasonable and none of the two countries has a right to cross levels of decency and use unethical diplomacy to prove its version correct. Anyways, it is well understood and established that Kashmir is the bone of contention and mother of all problems and every time poor Kashmiris get ruthless treatment for being 'attoot ang' or 'jugular vein'.

India and Pakistan can dictate terms to each other, they can exchange motor shells, sweets, illegal or legal transactions at LoC, break and establish peace whenever they want but people of Jammu and Kashmir can't even express their pain. There are only two commodities namely 'anti national' and 'anti movement' available in the big malls of India and Pakistan. When GoI needs to abuse Pakistan then Omer and Mufti are more patriots than Nathuram Godsay, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru and Narender Modi. When it comes to seeking even autonomy or other legal remedies to grievances of Kashmiris, the stalwarts like Sheikh Abdullah and a killer like Papa Kishtawari turn overnight double agents.

Many accuse Hurriyat for what they achieve when they talk to Pakistan or even with India but the question is very simple what is option with them.

They have still to talk despite knowing the fact that when Pakistan diluted its stand from UN resolutions to Musharaf's four point formula, they were not taken into the confidence and when GoI invited them for talks they went to PMO's house well dressed and heads up but always came empty handed, humiliated and heads down.

Let us not discuss NC or PDP here as they often have to perform the task given to them by their masters in New Delhi. They have been reduced to the level of daily rated workers on need bases, as confessed by their leaders in and outside assembly from time to time. Despite all this Hurriyat leaves no opportunity in talking to Pakistan but with passage of every day arrogance of New Delhi crosses the peaks and has been insisting constantly that Hurriyat cannot talk to Pakistan, claiming them its own annoyed people, but always failing to explain if it can't offer any lollipops to NC or PDP, where is the scope for reconciliation between New Delhi and Hurriyat. Assuming for a while Hurriyat leaders should under changing circumstances reconcile with New Delhi but the basic question is still that where is the meeting point.

New Delhi has to keep in mind that Hurriyat leaders can never ever take a stand that may be seen as even iota of diversion from the stand of Kashmiri people from their indigenous claim viza viz Kashmir dispute. New Delhi is closing all options for Hurriyat to prevent them from playing a constructive role to resolve Kashmir issue.

They forget that they have facilitated opening of Hurriyat bureau office in New Delhi, visit of Hurriyat leaders via Uri to Muzaffarabad and meetings between Pakistani leaders and Hurriyat leaders withiin and outside India. And not only that GoI has never felt shy even in talking to five Hizb armed militant commanders in Nehru Guest House.

It is obvious New Delhi uses people, throws them out and celebrates its imaginary victory through immoral and unethical diplomacy, but universal law that everything has a limit has to come true viza viz Delhi sooner or later. Whatsoever Delhi may argue or claim, as usual it will have to defend a very weak stand on Kashmir.

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