August 5, a watershed moment: Chrungoo
File Photo of Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo

August 5, a watershed moment: Chrungoo

Jammu, Aug 6: Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, senior BJP and KP leader, Incharge, Deptt of political affairs and Feedback, J&K-BJP today said that ‘August 5 is a watershed moment, any sort of politics in its name won't alter the established position.

According to a statement issued here, Chrungoo was speaking in a meeting of the youth activists at Jammu today in connection with the observation of 'Ekatmata-Divas'.

“While explaining the relevance of the happenings of August 5th 2019, putting an end to the applicability of Article 370, abolition of 35A, dissolution of the separate constitution of Jammu & Kashmir and bifurcation of J&K into two Union Territories, he said that they are a complete reversal of the political blackmail legacy of the last seven decades. It has opened the showers of human rights, fundamental rights and equal rights for all irrespective of caste, creed, gender and social or political background in the two Union Territories carved out on this date,” the statement reads.

“Reacting to the statements made by the leaders like Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti and AltafBhukhari that the 'accession was conditional and the August 5th 2019 action by parliament betrayed some promise made to the people of the state', Chrungoo said that it was simply reflective of their political duplicity. They are once again following the politics of double-talk and hypocrisy to hide their failures which they made the people to experience when they were in the government,” it said.

Chrungoo explained, “The government led by the PM Modi redeemed the promise made by the fathers of the Indian Constitution that the Article 370 was a 'transitory and temporary provision' which will go away with the passage of time. The action of 5th August 2019 recreated a fender against the political felony. It is a guarantee to rebuild Jammu and Kashmir with the guiding doctrine of -sab kasaath, sab kavikas, sab kavishwas.”

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