Azam Khan for UN intervention into ‘miseries’ of minorities
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Azam Khan for UN intervention into ‘miseries’ of minorities

Amid outcry over lynching of a 50-year-old Muslim man in Dadri, senior Uttar Pradesh Minister Azam Khan Monday sought intervention of United Nations to look into the "miseries" of minorities in India.

Amid outcry over lynching of a 50-year-old Muslim man in Dadri, senior Uttar Pradesh Minister Azam Khan Monday sought intervention of United Nations to look into the "miseries" of minorities in India.

In a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Khan also attacked RSS accusing it of working to turn secular and pluralistic India into a majoritarian theocratic nation as 'Hindu Rashtra'. "Facist forces are attempting to create a divide in the society by launching a hate campaign against Muslims and Dadri incident is an example of this," Khan told reporters here.

In his letter, the minister said there had been sporadic incidents of ethnic or communal clashes, but the real essence of freedom and secularism has never been under question or threat as it was for last one and half years.

"The new government took oath in the name of Constitution of India, but its motivation, inspiration and guiding light also comes from some other fundamentalist and extra constitutional 

authority named RSS," he said.

Khan said, "Since the new government took charge and most of its members have been longtime workers and cadres of RSS and its other affiliates, they pledge their obedience to this organisation first and ideology or world view of this organisation is an article of faith for them."

He alleged that in this regard most of the members of the Union cabinet give mixed signal to society on the issue of protecting the interest of the minorities in the country.

"The government provides tacit support to those campaign or programmes that create fear among minorities and intimidate them," he alleged.

"I humbly request to the highest international body to look into our miseries and take care of us and impress upon the Indian government to stick to international agreements and allow to flourish secularism and plurality in the country and not to push the agenda of extra constitutional authorities to turn India into theocratic majority Hindu nation," he said.

Khan also said he wanted President Pranab Mukhrjee and PM Modi to call a round table conference and discuss campaign against Muslims in the name of beef and attempts to turn India into a Hindu nation.

The SP leader said the aggression of RSS and its affiliate organisation has multiplied because they want to make India minority free around 2022-23.

He alleged that Dadri incident was a grim reminder and sinister campaign of this organisation where one old Muslim man was lynched on the rumour of consuming beef.

Khan alleged that ever since Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minister, the fear among minorities especially Muslims and Christians has increased "as he (Modi) always keeps mum on the rabidity of RSS and its affiliate organisations."

Pointing out that Modi was denied visa by US and other European countries after Gujarat riots, Khan said, "Once he became the PM, he reached to the world leaders and assured them that India will be always secular and plural, but the ground reality is totally different."

"He talks something before the world leaders and the UNGA, but does opposite and provide tacit support to RSS and its affiliates to intimidate minorities in the country to convert India into majority Hindu nation and minority less country by 2022-23," he alleged.

Khan said "millions" of minorities in the country have every right to enjoy freedom guaranteed by the Indian Constitution, UN and world authorities as an international agreement.

To a question, he said that narrating his pain before the UN should not be taken as a statement against India.

"The UN was constituted to ensure that human rights were not violated in the world and it is viewed equally, therefore I have narrated my pain before it (through the letter)," he said.

The minister said that the type of language being used for Muslims in India, was not used even in an uncultured society.

Khan said that to form government in Bihar, UP and other states, RSS certainly needed an issue on which two communities come face to face.

"After Babri incident, Dadri poll was held as it is close to Delhi and the BJP-ruled central government found it easy to use its influence and create tension, he alleged, adding that Dadri was also political field of Union Home Minister's (Rajnath Singh) son.

Praising media, he said that it exposed "the preparations for genocide of Muslims" in Dadri and facist forces that failed in their designs.

"If Muslims would have wanted to live in a country of their own religion, then doors of Pakistan were open for them in 1947, but on the call of Gandhiji, Sardar Patel and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, they stayed back. Thus they remained in a secular country," he said.

Khan said, "The mood in Bihar elections has changed. Today development, caste and category is not an election issue there. The issue is that a finger is being pointed towards someone that he has consumed beef and he could be killed."

The minister said that not only Hindus, but even Muslims have religious relation with cow.

On BJP MLA Sangeet Som's statement in Dadri, Khan said, "Sangeet Som can do what he says…When those in power want to eliminate someone then it will be hard to contest. Situation in Iraq, Libiya and Egypt is before us."

"My name figured in Muzaffarnagar riots. I want to say that conduct an inquiry by any international agency and if I am found guilty even slightly, then hang me. I am an item for BJP. They have nothing in their shop except my name. They grow crop of hatered in my name," he alleged. 

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