Back To School Jitters

It is high time for 'those' at the helm of affairs to rethink and act on the realistic lines and provide significant leeway to our children, so that they can also enjoy their space.
Back To School Jitters
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Every summer, in UAE, it is always exciting for the trademarketing professionals to figure out the promo packs for enticing the studentsprior to the opening of schools. Almost every company would work out theirnational and storewise promotions exclusively meant for the students. Back toschool promotion is one of the top most priority for their promo calendar andalso there is a proper budget provision for it, so as to meet the demand andfight the competition.It provides them an opportunity to grab more market shareand could sustain on decent sales figures provided they do the best and wintheir hearts.

There used to be a lot of sales hustle as the families wouldreturn from the vacations and every parent would be looking forward to theseoffers. Before the opening of schools, at least parents would spend a week ortwo to visit the markets or malls for the shopping spree. Being a Salesprofessional it used to be a great learning experience for me as I got a chanceto work with the specialists from diverse fields for the cross functionalexecutions. This event is considered as one of the highly valuable activityduring which everyone wants to contribute to the welfare of the students. Fromlolly pop to laptops, Bags, Beverages, Bakery items, theme parks, theaters, tiffins,toys, anything you can ask for, are stocked up and offered at the bestdiscounted prices.The main purpose of the campaign is to boost the morale ofstudents. These Initiatives are taken by many sectors and sections of thesociety to make them feel extra special.

I also had an opportunity to service not only super-marketslike Spinneys but schools as well where it was not all about profits margins. Ihad worked with the top notch brands of GCC. My flagship brands includedTiffany Drinks, London Diary Milk Shakes, London Diary Ice Creams. It gave meimmense joy to meet the expectations of the school children when my promos wereapproved and offered to them at the school food kiosks.

It does not come as a surprise to see  police officials distributing the gifts tothe kids. They love to engage them in discussion about how important they arefor the foundation of great nation.They share with them the insights on courageand character building.On the onset of schools,the ruler of Dubai, makes it apoint to greet the students, parents and teachers with the emphasis on moraland qualitative education.He is often seen visiting the educationalinstitutions for interaction with the students .This is how the great nationsare flourished and formed when there is more than 100 percent involvement andinterest keenly taken by the ruler.There is no excuse and reason for others notto follow their leader.

In Kashmir, we have a very sad and strange scenario. In viewof the recent disturbances, this year much earlier On 24th Feb 20, the newacademic session has been kick started. Around 1.3 million students areattending their classes after an obnoxious break of seven months due to theunrest caused by the bifurcation of state into UT`S and abrogation of article370.This year's harsh winter was also mysterious and miserable.No doubt, inthis part of the world,  shopkeepers andsuppliers are also familiar with the concept of 'Back To School' but for themit is an opportunity to charge the items at higher rates leaving the compassionand competition aside.The scene is very pathetic at the Hair saloons anduniform selling outlets.Take or Leave it, doesn't matter for them, as no onecares to question them how reasonable they are with the customers.They don'tfeel like there should be something for our children to cherish, to bring backthose lost smiles.

We have been left with no choice but to remain mutespectators of our sufferings. We are helpless to question anyone. Not onlyparents and students, even those private school teachers who are tirelesslyworking to arrange the assignments and attending their duties, have not beenpaid for many months. How are they supposed to welcome their students wholeheartedly.

Once again, it will be the repeat of the same story when thefee and other academic charges will be hiked without giving any heed andadherence to the government orders.The economic crisis which has broken ourback will not be taken into account to charge what is feasible and Affordable.When people couldn't come to terms with the current political situation, theywill be again pushed against the wall.

Forget about freebies and discounts, our children arebearing the brunt of political, economic crises at every front. Imagine thecondition of those poor students who couldn't afford to pay for their tuitionsand rely upon the Internet to learn and keep themselves updated. Unfortunatelyit's not just an alternative but has become necessity which has been snappedwithout any due consideration on the consequences that these ambitious studentsare facing.Each passing day they are loosing the opportunities due tocommunication gag.

It is high time for 'those' at the helm of affairs torethink and act on the realistic lines and provide significant leeway to ourchildren, so that they can also enjoy their space. We can efford and down theline can also bear the economic losses but loss of precious academic years isthe tragedy which cannot be compensated at any cost. If not anything, at leastand at last, we are having sigh of relief that our children are ' back toschool'. They deserve our warmth and welcome. Make it memorable for them.Teachers and all other stakeholders have to play their respective roles withmore determination and sincerity. They should put every effort to make the bestutilization of the available time.Still under the reeling of uncertainty andunrest; we have kept our fingers crossed. We pray that God forbid, our childrendon't have to suffer anymore due to another tragic summer.

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