BCCI should consult JKCA clubs, hold polls: M L Nehru

BCCI should consult JKCA clubs, hold polls: M L Nehru
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Srinagar, June 25: Former Vice President of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and General Secretary J&K Cricket Association (JKCA) M L Nehru Friday asked BCCI to consult JKCA clubs and hold elections of J&K cricket body as soon as possible.

Nehru who is well known figure in cricket administration circles across the country having held various posts in JKCA as well as BCCI while reacting to a new sub-committee appointed by BCCI for JKCA said that part of blame for JKCA mess goes to BCCI that never acted wisely.

“The removal of the CEO and COA by J&K High Court was a welcome step. Those persons were mandated to streamline JKCA affairs within few months but held their positions for around three years, running their personal agendas by sidelining the basic and founding member clubs of JKCA. However, now that the BCCI has appointed adhoc committee who then formed sub-committee to look after JKCA affairs and bring body into order. The question is about the members included in sub-committee and basic members not being consulted in this regard,” said Nehru who was BCCI Vice-President.

Nehru said JKCA is affiliated unit of BCCI and has got its own set of constitution which cannot be overruled by anyone unless approved by JKCA General Counsel.

“One has to understand that CEO and COA tried to hijack and amend constitution of JKCA without the consultation or approval of JKCA Working Committee which was unconstitutional. Now BCCI has appointed the sub-committee which has been mandated to streamline JKCA and bring it into order. However, they can’t do it on their own and for that JKCA Clubs should be consulted who form core of the JKCA,” he said. Nehru said JKCA club members who were basic members of the association were always ready to amend the constitution on the lines of Lodha Committee recommendations.

“JKCA is a society registered for around 63 years now. It has its own constitution and bye laws. To make bye-laws as per the Supreme Court appointed Lodha panel, a resolution is needed to be adopted and approved by General Counsel of JKCA. No amendment of JKCA can take place without that and what outgoing CEO and COA did was unconstitutional and has been proved time and again. Now if BCCI is serious in bringing order back in JKCA they should have consulted and included JKCA club members in the sub-committee or whatever committee,” he said. Nehru said that BCCI had floated Lodha Committee recommendations itself by including politicians in the sub-committee.

“While it is good to see MithunManhas and Majid Dar in the committee, the question is how BCCI appointed politicians like Anil Gupta and Sunil Sethi. They can’t hold positions in JKCA as they are politicians. In fact Sunil who represented BCCI in J&K High Court is floating Conflict of Interest rule by now being appointed in the sub-committee. It means he was fighting the legal battle of BCCI for his own welfare and good,” he said. Nehru lashed out at Sethi for issuing political statements after being appointed the member in the sub-committee.

“I heard the statements of Sethi soon after he was appointed as one of the members. He doesn’t know anything about JKCA or cricket and is issuing senseless and baseless statements. He is now turning JKCA into Jammu versus Kashmir divide which was never the case before. He has made his intentions clear and its onus falls on BCCI. He is saying that JKCA accounts were not cleared or scrutinised from 2003. Then one should ask him, how BCCI was issuing funds without clearing accounts. Also my suggestion to him is to focus on the job he has been given instead of playing politics,” he said.

Nehru said BCCI could bring JKCA back in order within a short time and clear all the issues that were there but they do not seem sincere. “BCCI can easily clear the mess created by themselves in JKCA. If they can direct the appointed committee to take clubs on board, let them amend the constitution and hold elections and all the issues would be sorted out,” he said.

About the multi-crore scandal, Nehru said, “A lot has been spoken about multi-crore scam, but to speak about it when the matter is in the court sans logic. CBI has filed the charge-sheet and matter is in the court now. No one should now talk about it, especially BCCI appointed committee. They are doing it only for their political gains.”

He said that JKCA was formed more than 63 years ago and it had been nurtured on the blood and sweat of the clubs that formed it and ran it over the years.

“Everyone thinks that JKCA was rich all the time. That has been the case recently. Earlier, it was the club members who were running it by spending money out of their pockets. I believe the golden period of JKCA was from 1984 to 1989 when international matches were hosted in J&K. After that slowly and steady politics took centre stage while cricket was least priority. Farooq Abdullah was its member when we didn’t even have a typewriter or office and at times association was run on his personal contributions of and the contributions of other club members. Even Ranji Trophy participation was not possible without the personal contributions of the club members,” Nehru said.

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