Begging business

Most of the beggars who simply cannot find help elsewhere come to our state as we Kashmiris being generous and kind hardly refuse to pay them.
Begging business
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Begging nowadays is one of the most serious issues in our society. Almost 95% of beggars in Kashmir are from other states. They are found everywhere, on roads, bus stops, traffic signals, educational institutes etc. They are mostly unknown to the locals. Nobody among us knows where they come from. Neither we understand their language nor do they understand ours. 

A couple of days earlier I was travelling with my family and the moment we stopped at the traffic signal, some kids wearing tatters who were waiting for the signal to get red on the nearby footpath,

appeared and started banging the windows of our car. Each of them had their own way for asking a few pennies. My Grandma asked me "Yem kam shuer, yem chini kaeshir baasan" (Who are these kids, they don't seem kashmiris). 'Seriously, who are these kids?' I started  asking myself. It was not only my Grandma, even we, the educated youth, the ones who spend almost the whole day outside our homes still don't know about these people, then how come my Grandma would know. 

The State Administration should lay a set of certain strict rules to check the flow of beggars. Most of the beggars who simply cannot find help elsewhere come to our state as we Kashmiris being generous and kind hardly refuse to pay them. Not all beggars are miserable, some are down on their luck, the ones who are really in need are over-shadowed and outnumbered by the ones that may or may not be needy but are good at begging and have made it their own profession. The beggars nowadays have resorted to  unconventional ways that makes it pretty difficult to let them go empty handed. Now they have started to block our path, even their behavior has become rude. If you don't put money in their hands, they will badmouth you and even hit your car to express their anger.

A few among them start with begging first, then slowly graduate to pick-pocketing and then move onto Felonies like robberies, murders etc We most certainly can't directly complaint against these children as most of them are compelled to do so and we all are well aware of the serious crime that is "Human Trafficking" which is almost the root cause of this begging business…

As citizens of this state it is our moral responsibility to stop this menace. These beggars are taking advantage of our generosity and mercy. They should easily be able to earn money by working on daily wage basis but they don't want to work hard, they want the easy way around without having to break a sweat for it, as begging is the easiest and safest way for them to earn money. Those days are not far when these so called beggars will resort to big violent crimes and will use our blood to quench their unquenchable thirst…

(Shazia Jaffar is a student of Law from Kashmir University.) 

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