Book: Bumpy Roads Glimpses in the meadow of memory

The music of ink in this book reflects eventful periods of my life.
Book: Bumpy Roads Glimpses in the meadow of memory
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Author: Dr Ibrahim Masoodi

The music of ink in this book reflects eventful periods of my life. I do not claim to be a reputed author as I am but a humble physician from an average middle class family. Playing with the strings of my heart, I have tried to compose tunes to resonate with yours. This book  is essentially a travelogue, but also a travelogue through life itself, containing what I hope are universal messages for all readers. 

I have taken the reader on a tour of all the three divisions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh trying at the same time to highlight the glorious history, culture and natural beauty of these regions. For this reason, there are notes in each chapter, explaining and expanding on what I have written in it. 

One of the stories in this book "A Narrow escape" highlights how Isurvived in blast injury . Having lived through the wonderful way in which my friends rallied round to help me after this terrible experience, irrespective of their religion, origin or caste ,the warmth of their friendship and kindness melted all the masks and barriers in my mind. I don't feel any race is superior or any color is inferior, and I certainly don't believe in regionalism or the nasty caste system. I only believe in humanity and that we are all precious creation of God Almighty. Hence I dedicate this work to Global Peace and to the Love of Humanity. And I pray that you enjoy reading this book reaping some benefits from it and also learning some of the lessons it contains, with one goal, the "Love of Humanity". Friends, we are all mortal and spend a very short time in this world. Every one of us plays some role here and finally becomes part of the dust. Let us all try to make world a beautiful and better place by our good deeds and contribute towards global peace. I express my sincere gratitude to all my friends and relatives who have been instrumental in the successful completion of this work. 

The Highlights of the book are : 

Real life  experiences  with universal messages .

Nostalgia of simple life in the past.

Medical school life 

Easy steps for successful study  for students 

Top ten tips for weight loss 

How to quit smoking 

Save yourself  and society from alcohol and drug abuse 

Healthy life  style . 


"I am sure this book will inspire , instruct and amuse its readers .Dr Ibrahim's stories of medical school life are particularly endearing and they should encourage those who are battling through their training and bring back many memories to those who completed it" 

—————————–Annette de Villiers , Author and editor .London. 

 "Writing a memoire is not easy , finding ways to strike the right balance between personal memories and the lessons learned from them Dr Ibrahim Masoodi has managed to strike just the right balance in this one .His personal beliefs and generous philosophy of life shine through on every page''

———Catherine Bates 

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