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About the Book

Exploring the Qur'an: Concepts and Themes is a modestcontribution in the area of 'thematic' study of the Qur'an. It reflects onvarious key terms, basic concepts, and vital and vibrant themes of the Qur'anand things Qur'anic, and some contemporary issues of diverse nature—fromethico-religious to socio-political and historical—and blends the scholarshipof past and present (produced by Muslims and non-Muslims).

Written in a concise, clear, coherent and persuasive manner,it will prove valuable and appealing to the students and general readers of thefield of Qur'anic Studies, and helpful for (all) those seeking solution(s) tothe current issues and challenges of ethico-religious or socio-political naturein the light of the teachings of the noble Qur'an—the 'Guidance Unto Mankind'(Q. 2: 185).


'Exploring the Qur'an: Concepts and Themes' … provides anexcellent opportunity to gain or renew acquaintance with the meaning andmessage of such a masterpiece as the Qur'an, the Word of God. … Dr Parraydeserves credit for having assessed well the needs and wants of the Englishspeaking readers. For his work provides a helpful overview of the contents ofthe Qur'an by way of having elucidated its main contours and rubrics. … DrParray has enriched the field [of the Qur'anic Studies] admirably andfacilitated a better understanding of the eternal source of guidance [Excerptsfrom the 'Foreword']

About the Author:

Dr Tauseef Ahmad Parray (b. 1984) is Assistant Professor,Islamic Studies (at GDC Pulwama), Higher Education Department, J&K. Heholds Masters, PhD, and Post Doctorate degrees in Islamic Studies, fromUniversity of Kashmir; Aligarh Muslim University (AMU),; and 'IqbalInternational Institute for Research & Dialogue' (IRD), InternationalIslamic University, Islamabad (IIUI), Pakistan (2014), respectively.

Author of 'Muslim Intellectual Deficit: Reasons &Remedies' (2018), 'Mediating Islam and Modernity: Sir Syed, Iqbal and Azad'(New Delhi: Viva Books, 2019), he is published in reputed academic Journals andmagazines around the world, in areas ranging from Islam and Democracy, ModernIslamic Political Thought, to Modern Trends & English Scholarship inQur'anic Studies. He writes, regularly, for various newspapers and onlineportals, local and international, and is a Reviewer and Editorial Board Memberof various international Journals.

Title: Exploring the Qur'an: Concepts and Themes

Author: Dr Tauseef Ahmad Parray

Foreword by: Prof. Abdur Raheem Kidwai (Aligarh MuslimUniversity)

Publisher: Kitab Mahal, Lal Bazar, Srinagar (J&K), 2019

ISBN: 9789387244207;

Pages: 244

Price: INR 1199

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