MBBS students of Global Education & HR consulting bring laurels

The management of the organization has congratulated all the students who have finished their degrees in the past with flying colors.
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Srinagar: The students selected in various medical colleges through ‘Global Education & HR consulting’ have brought laurels by securing top positions in their exams.

According to a statement issued here, three students have topped in these exams in their respective colleges outside the country.

“Samah Farooq Zaki has secured the 3rd position in her first professional exam. PriyanshiDadhich has also secured 9th position in her first professional exam. Both the students achieved honours in Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry. The duo has who secured their seats through the organisation in Ad-Din Women’s Medical College (Dhaka University) were competing with six thousand students from 55 colleges,” the statement reads. “Farah, another student who has been selected in one of the top Dhaka colleges achieved honours in anatomy and biochemistry in her first professional exam.

Farah also achieved honours in Forensic Medicine in her second professional exam and honours in Pharmacology, Microbiology and Pathology in her 3rd professional exam.”

The students acknowledged that Global Education and HR Consulting Pvt. Limited played a vital role in their feat. “I’m glad that I got in touch with Global education and HR consulting for the MBBS. It was due to the sheer professionalism of theirs which helped us to get admission smoothly without any hustle. It is because of such a professional environment that we were able to make these achievements in a short span of time,” said PriyanshiDadhich, one of the toppers.

Another student, Farah from Srinagar who has also been one of the top students said the organization has played a key role in achieving the feat.“Way Back in 2017, I got admitted in Medical college under the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh by Global Education & HR Consulting. Initially, I was so reluctant to move outside to pursuing my Bachelor's degree but due to the support of my family and organization, I went ahead and the decision was the turning point of my life as it changed my direction. The organisation was always there for me whenever I come across any kind of query,” Farah said.

Ishafaq Ahmed Malik, co-founder and CEO of the organization said that for over a decade they have been serving students and helping them in getting admission in various Medical and Engineering colleges abroad. “Getting selected in a good college is the first and important step. If the beginning is not good, you cannot expect good results. We have been helping students secure admission in colleges of UK, USA, China, Bangladesh and across the globe and the results are in front of you,” Malik said.

The management of the organization has congratulated all the students who have finished their degrees in the past with flying colors.

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