Can woman ever be non working

Celebrating 8th March as women's day and sharing women's day wishes is not going to work

Woman is the precious creation of Almighty. She fulfils multiple roles in her life. She is a faithful daughter, caring mother, loving wife, and a sweet sister. The most part of her life goes in taking care of the needs of her male counterparts. From cooking meals to doing every household work to helping other members in searching for things to raising her children and maintaining relations she do everything but still did not get appreciation for working round the clock. She works 24*7 without any break. She has no vacation or holiday but still the people she cares for don't show an attitude of gratitude towards her. No one tells her to take rest, even in illness she gets up with a smile on her face and does every work for her family. Despite doing all this she is called a non working woman. It is my question to all dear gentlemen; what is their definition of work? Isn't what she does, from preparing breakfast to serving dinner, work. Or just because she doesn't get paid for her work, her work is no work.

Her work is really worship; it is all selfless. She doesn't work  for any salary, promotion or bonus or fame. Her job is even more difficult than any professional work. Every office closes at some time and has some off day but her job has no off day.  A woman can  never be non working.

If we are served a delicious dish, how many of us say mom you have really done a wonderful job, thanks a lot for this dish. How many husbands say dear wife you are so sweet, thank you for the dish; and how many in laws say dear daughter in law thanks for this delicious dish, and stay blessed. Rather, it is mostly otherwise. If some day there is some slight problem in the dish, complaints start coming from every corner of the dinning table; salt is too much, aroma is missing, texture is not that much good, who will eat this tasteless dish. We don't realise after how much hard work a mother/ sister/wife has prepared the dish.  Our society is highly men centric  and always inconsiderate towards the plight of the women who work at home tirelessly and without a break .

Despite doing every thing from cooking, dusting, washing clothes to organising things and fulfilling demands of other family members she receive the comment – what have you to do for the whole day at home. Nothing; see how much work we do in office. When a son/daughter/husband returns from work they start yelling – why you take so much time in serving a tea. And they start unleashing anger and yet she bears these  tantrums silently. Same is the case with employed women; they work in office and then at home but most of the male counterparts don't cooperate. They don't share responsibilities. If there is a PTM (Parent-Teacher Meet), usually a mother misses the work. How many husbands help their wives in household responsibilities, only few? Why? Doesn't home belong to both.

Celebrating 8th March as women's day and sharing women's day wishes is not going to work. Woman should be given love, care, appreciation, and respect for whatever she does. She needs that her opinions is valued and is given a say in  decision making on affairs related to her and her children. Every family member should join hands with her and be considerate.

Let's take a pledge to respect women. Dear men, appreciate women and reciprocate the love, care and affection she showers on the family.

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