Celebrations amid Corona Catastrophe

let's stay indoors, the picnic spots and the parks are going nowhere; they are waiting to welcome us once we get through this tough phase
File Photo of Grand Mosque in Makkah. [Twitter/ @HaramainInfo]
File Photo of Grand Mosque in Makkah. [Twitter/ @HaramainInfo]

The second covid wave has wreaked havoc everywhere, especially in some states of India, including ours. Experts are of the opinion that this wave is to be more contagious and dangerous. Figures do not lie and in this case the number of cases followed by the number of deaths indicate the vulnerability. Heart wrenching videos have surfaced on social media platforms from past few weeks which have created a sense of fear and anxiety among masses, firstly exposing the weak and fragile health care system, secondly, the senseless and ignorant approach of people towards this pandemic.

People do not follow the guidelines properly, thereby leading to a surge in daily number of cases. Everywhere people are seen running wild due to the lack of oxygen, thus leading to more panic and chaos. The battle between life and death goes on. Situation is exacerbating day by day which is a cause of worry.

In our valley, the daily spike is alarming indicating tough time ahead. Unfortunately there are going to be no answers then, given how rapidly it spreads and also because of our frail management and inadequate health facilities. Since we are in the early stages, we can, by our disciplined efforts make the pandemic look like 'less effective' by following proper guidelines vis-a-vis wearing masks, avoiding  gatherings and unnecessary outings. If acted upon, God willing we are surely going to get out of this calamity.

Ramadhan, the blessed month is nearing its end, meaning the arrival of LAILAT UL QADR and the EID. But given how grim the situation is, introspection and wisdom are the necessary traits that we have to maintain at first. We have to be wise especially not to rush to bakery shops, petrol pumps, apparel markets or meat shops, because we can celebrate eid without all these things. Life is more precious than those customs and rituals, and if we go through this covid catastrophe we have bigger things ahead waiting to be celebrated. We can share every emotion and joy with our family by staying indoors. We can wear our used clothes and not rush to the markets and that certainly can make a huge difference.

The expenses which usually  incur on these customs and exaggerated celebrations can be used in a better way; that's to spend it in charity. As the saying of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is," Charity stands in the way of a calamity ".

Large number of people are battling for basic need of oxygen, we can consider ourselves lucky to be able to have our food  even if that is without traditional cuisines and dishes on these auspicious occasions. In these times of disarray, let us hold each other's back by actually doing nothing except staying indoors and following precautions and that is not a big task. We are the ummah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) whose disciplined life is a guidance for us all. We have to implement all those teachings in letter and spirit; it's good for ourselves and for the society.

Unequivocally we will determine how things unfold in coming days. Now the choice is purely ours and I hope we will deal with it wisely and smartly. Come this Eid, let's stay indoors, the picnic spots and the parks are going nowhere, they are waiting to welcome us once we get through this tough phase.

Little sacrifices we make can turn out to be gold for everyone out there. It is far better to be healthy and at the same time staying indoors, rather than being affected and forced to live in isolation/hospital. An able mind will surely choose the former. Ostensibly, there are no other ways to deal with this pandemic, and we have to take the lead and take a leaf out of the disastrous scenes that are surfacing over social media.


Yes, the situation is far from ideal, but panic is not the answer. Mental strength holds the key in these tough circumstances. We have to take lessons, from the events that unfolded recently where despite warnings people defied sense and got involved in religious gatherings, election rallies and tulip festivals, which eventually resulted in exponential rise in daily cases. Let's seize the moment and begin to reverse the course of this disaster,  and reside our hopes on Almighty .

Author is pursuing Master's in Mechanical Engineering

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