Coercion and Consent

If it is true then it is also true that States under such climate can not remain aloof from venturing into brinkmanship strategy, war-lordism, where escalations are high and sovereignties are made hostage to menial power politics.
Coercion and Consent
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History has proved that coercion has never created consent, rather has further fostered a void. Repression by the vanquished/strong States over the weak have substantiated and contributed to the wake-up calls in the world. By repression heroes and martyrs get created who prove figurative to ideal, to be worshiped, to be remembered, to be celebrated. And it is from here the revolutionaries/societies curious to change or do things different or unique, proving highly creative, nourishing their dreams. Treaty of 1919 in Versailles has no doubt brought Germany to the heels but has equally rained inexorably more pain through 'Hitler' and the 'The Nuremberg Trials 1945-49'. The Versailles treaty was humiliating and so was 'The Nuremberg Trial', as in both the cases International law, in a rogue State tactic, was used to challenge, rather than uphold, State Sovereignties. 

We are nowadays living in a world in which it has been brutally revealed that global peace or collective survival is only possible if we do not live by pacifist ideas. War machinery or path leading to war is believed in by States. States are effectively designed to run politics not on cosmopolitan and communitarian concepts where thrust is valued to preach human or international outlook. In the play of Confusionist, we are auspiciously preaching no benevolence and earnestness, which at least is not contributive or attributive to a livable world. If it is true then it is also true that States under such climate can not remain aloof from venturing into brinkmanship strategy, war-lordism, where escalations are high and sovereignties are made hostage to menial power politics. States are all running in "Negative Reciprocity", where it is pick of the game that 'if you scratch me, I will scratch you too' an ideal escalation for an ideal conflict. What is gruesome is that there is appeasement to arrogance of States, infringing frugally international laws/treaties, the very important eligibility criteria of rogue State. Trampling cum transgressing policy has become the trick of the trade. Concepts like democracy, nationalism, secularism, peace, war, nation-State, etc. have become subjects of wishful thinking and lies. 

The term Rogue State is a Cold War relic that flouted international order with disproportionate force or repressive policies that defied international law. To quote Nom Chomsky, A "rogue State" is a State that defies international laws and conventions, does not consider itself bound by the major treaties and conventions, World Court decisions-in fact, anything except the interests of its own leadership, the forces around the leadership that dominate policy. That would be an extreme case of a "rogue State." The present States are insane and abnormal in behavior…falling in line. Violating so to say democratically UN Security Council (41, 42 and 51 of Security Council) and leaving UN a paralyzed Institution, States appreciate fake grounds/discourses to wage or impose brutalities. The UN laws are made to be abided by but member States are smartly on the run. These laws were incarcerated horribly by even US and UK, the earliest fabricators, in the World.

The incitements like 'The WMD programme is not shutdown, it is up and running now' 'active existing military Plans for the use of biological and chemical weapons to be activated within 45 minutes' and 'The Iraqi regime has plotted to develop anthrax, nuclear weapons for over a decade' by leaders of great international stature, Tony Blair & G W Bush, respectively were absurd ones. The Collin Powel superlative show in UNO to manipulate agricultural industry into chemical weapon industry made it more clear, 'you got to prove something policy'. Thus, foolishly fabricated conspiracy hatched with Rafed Al Janabi alias Curveball (an Iraqi engineer or congenital liar), Najib Sabri (an Iraqi Minister) to go with 'Operation Red Dawn' an unfair military exerciser to make a nation of 24 million peace starved. A bad forgery or scoundrel intelligence by MI6 and CIA did away with peace and the revival of peace in Iraq seems now quite bleak. The US, Russia, UK and other States are/were in unholy alliance, engaged placidly in what is called 'Color Revolution' where in they plant their own stooges to perpetuate, depredation,  dictatorship, provocation, sufferings, deaths, etc. The 'Black & Tans force' (the brain child of Winston Churchill), a ruthless force to indulge in loot and plunder, kill intolerably, burn houses, drag the women, men, children out of their homes in Ireland was a rogue State response. The same was done in Chechnya by Russia. To create awe US dropped 2 million ton bombs on Laos and made Vietnam mutilated. The pejorative rubric made State irresponsible, aggressive, highly repressive, chauvinistic, giving no heed to the international standards. But a million dollar question flashes across ones mind, by annihilating the discourteous incarnation of Hitler, Mussolini, Sadam, Gadafi, or serving Japan with 'Little Boy' and 'Fat Man' (code names of atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki); have States succeeded to bring back international order?. I think No…..Yes…..the nomenclature has not yet changed and a 'big-headed behavior' of the modern States is still making peace unseen and impassable. As is believed by 'Nom Chomsky' who asserted that, "a "rogue State" is not simply a criminal State, but one that defies the orders of the powerful-who are, of course, exempt". The uncivil and stuck-up behaviors of the modern day States and the evil they commit in the ambit of democracy are proving realistically far better criteria to be dubbed as Rogue States. U.S, Russia and their counterparts are enriching their strategic interests even on the death bed of millions of innocent lives. Under the new international order Israel successfully sprays herbicide to the Palestinian lands, a rogue State response potentially powerful to invite continual conflict. There is a hurriedly 'Million March' to persuade you for the war but not a 'One Man Show' to sail you safe. 

India in Kashmir and Kashmir in India is all set to catch this dismal imagination. First both India and Pakistan, party to the dispute, are/were reluctant to abide by the UN law which befits to the rogue State behavior. Second India, in particular, is defying UN law brazenly, making its treaties/conventions meaningless. Masked in democracy, giving no credence to "promised Independent Referendum", negating anyone and everyone, imposing her own laws/vehement wishes, running on the track with war machinery, letting lose 'Black & Tans' unbridled force to raze everything to ground, to kill passerby, to drag people out of their houses, beating people to the pulp, making nocturnal raids, creating fear and horror, etc. What is fanning the flames is the 'Getting Away Approach' from treaties which according to Chomsky is rogue State behavior. These behaviors are synonymous to cluster of rogue State responses….have bred a culture of revenge and resent, which is breeding curelessly and carelessly. If Michael Collins, (George Washington or Neilson Mandela of Ireland), is to Ireland, Fidel to Cuba, Umar-Bin-Khatab to Chechnya, then Burhan or……..Is to Kashmir. Most probably history is already getting jotted down with the golden lines, "If I am Burhan I owe it to India or if I am Kashmir I owe it India", for the treaties are neglected and promises are broken.

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